Door to Active Politics

In 1967 Assembly Election was won by the DMK, under the leadership of Anna, after his victory Anna went to the Hospital, were MGR undergoing treatment and gave the list of Ministers for MGR’s approval!, that Anna knew MGR’s charisma and treated him like other front line leaders of the Party.

In 1968, MGR’s 100th film released called “Oli Vilakku” Unusually MGR donned a negative role, which is a very big risk for any actor’s 100th film. MGR’s mentor Anna fell sick and went to US for the operation. Anna’s tenure as Chief Minister was short lived. Anna died of Cancer in Feb’ 1969. MGR stood on Karunanidhi’s side; thereby Karunanidhi succeeded Anna even though Elder Leaders opposed giving Power to Karunanidhi. The party was saved from a split. Can we say this is the Fate for MGR it lead to open the door to active politics.

“Adimai Penn” Slave Girl one of MGR’s Magnum Opus movies which was in the anvil for 4 years was released on May 1969.The movie broke box office records. In 1965 first version of Adimai Penn is a different story. Lavish sets erected and shot with different actress. After MGR’s accident in 1967 not only Adimai Penn but also many films progress halted. And after returning to the set many films were renamed, many actors and actress were changed. The fans favourite pair for MGR, Sarojadevi got married and MGR had to change the entire script and importance was given to Jayalalitha. In this film both MGR and Jayalalitha took dual roles. Jayalalitha’s performance in action and dance were laudable. One song was entirely shot in Jaipur Palace and in the Kings Bed room. MGR and his crew were not satisfied with the Bed room (though the walls and other things were cast in Gold and embedded with precious stones!) they felt the flooring is not contrast to the Walls and ceiling, they covered entire Bed Room with White Mica sheet which enhanced the rich look of the Bed Room. MGR costumes are very colourful. (I will tell more about this film in my Blog later)

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