MGR Formula

Formula of MGR Film

The story of the Film is the real hero, besides to a MGR movie, story is also a vital ingredient. Let us look at a typical MGR film (which presented above in pictures) the Hero is an Honest person, and a lovable character. He has a widowed mother (most probably) the hero has to solve or avenge for his father’s death, his country or the difficulties of downtrodden people. The heroine proposes first and duet song with colourful costumes proceeds. Variety of fights that too an honest fights and there is no cheating involved. Fights are face to face you can see the difference between MGR and other Hero films that MGR never attacks a person from behind, never stabs or kills them from back. Every fight is face to face. And finally the film ends in a harmonious note. All together his movie portrays postive attitude in every frame. His solo song lifts the spirit and our confidence level.

Here is the formula a + b + c x d = MGR theme or MGR formula for a successful film. Whereas (a) is the main Plot, (b) is the Love songs and scenes, (c) is the Action and (d) is the positive thinking portrayed through songs and visualizations.

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