Battle for the Title


In Tamil Film Industry MGR and Sivaji Ganesan were the main contenders. They not only competed for the supremacy over the Box Office Record but also for their film titles.

MGR film title appeared in the Sivaji starrer film songs and Sivaji film title appeared in MGR starrer film songs. In reel life both were termed as “North and South Pole” or “Poles apart” but in real life they behaved as Brothers.

Some interesting Movie Titles

(Pardon me for the English Translation)

MGR Movie


1. En Thangai (My Younger sister)

En Akka (My Eldest Sister)

2. En Annan (My Elder Brother)

En Thambi (My Younger Brother)

3. Raja Rajan (King of Kings)

Raja (King)

4. Engal Thangam

Engal Thangaraja

5. Andaman Kaithi (Prisoner of Andaman)

Andaman Kadali (Lover from Andaman)

6. Raman Thediya Seethai

Raman Enthai Ramanadi

7. Arasa Kattalai (Kings Order)

Andavan Kattalai (Gods Order)

8. Deivathai (God Mother)

Deivamagan (God Son)

9. Thirudathae (Don’t Steal)

Thirudan (Thief)

10.Oli Vilaku (Lighted Lamp)

Pachai Vilaku (Green Light)

11. Navarathinam (Nine Gems)

Navarathri (Nine Nights)

12. Enga Veetu Pillai (Our Son)

Raja Veetu Pillai (Son of a Raja)

13. Thazampoo

Veelai Roja (White Rose)

14. Thanipiravi (Born different)

Deivapiravi (Born Godly)

15. Puthia Bhoomi (New World)

Puthia Paravai (New Bird)

16. Uzhaikum Karangal (Working Hands)

Anbu Karangal (Caring Hands)

The above film title gives an appearance that the story to be same but the story, cast of characters and period of the film is different. The above films are never released in the same time. For example Andaman Kaithi (MGR movie) was released in 1952 but Andaman Kadali came in 1970s.

MGR holds most for donning dual action roles and Sivaji for triple action roles and also for nine roles in one Tamil Film.


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