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1000 Words

June 30, 2006

The famous V sign pictured for Kumudam magazine (when MGR started the Party and also Two Leaves was not the party symbol)

The magic moment when MGR approach the People. See the boy’s happiness.

The eagerness to touch MGR (protected by MGR’s body guard)


Mercurial Traits

June 3, 2006

Traits of Planet Mercury

The name M.G.Ramachandran sums upto 41. According to Numerology the number 41 (Mercury) if suited, gives an enormous rise in life and also their life style changes in every 5 years.

Let’s look into every five years of MGR. Born 1917 the next five years 1922 MGR’s short period of education starts. In 1927 enters stage acting. 1932 raises to the level of Hero in Drama. 1937 enters Tamil film Industry, in 1942 get the Lead role in film “Saya” (but after some days of shooting the project was abandoned) In 1947 again gets the Lead role in film “Rajakumari”.

In 1952 MGR enters the Politics following his Leader Anna Durai. 1957 MGR’s dream production “Nadodi Mannan” – Wanderer and King releases. In 1962 MGR’s party DMK becomes the Opposition party. 1967 rises as a Phoenix from the accident (shot by M.R. Radha) and his Party (DMK) claims the power.

In 1972 MGR dismissed from the DMK Party and subsequently launches ADMK party. 1977 MGR becomes the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, 1982 MGR inaugurates 5th World Tamil Sangam in Madurai and gives a position to Jayalalitha. In 1987 the death of MGR.