Miracles of Demi God

After MGR’s recuperation from his illness in 1984, whenever he tours the Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu he always asks Dr.V.V.Muthuswamy (Cardiologist) to accompany him.

On one occasion MGR was staying in Ashok Hotel in Madurai, and Dr.V.V.Muthuswamy was working in Madurai General Hospital, on that day Officials from Police Department rushed to Dr.V.V.Muthuswamy and asked to meet the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MGR urgently. He went to the Hotel were MGR was staying. There he was taken aback as he saw MGR was in unconscious state, it was a shocking state for him, as he always seen MGR in ebullient state. Tears rolled from his eyes on the mere sight.

Dr.V.V.Muthuswamy started his regular procedure of taking E.C.G. in 12 positions. On completing the 10th position the E.C.G. machine prompted for the insertion of paper roll, which he had forgotten to take with him. Imagine his consternation that he is taking care of a person who is elected by Millions, he said to himself go ahead and try once again, and as a miracle the machine worked giving the remaining 2 positions.

After finishing the examination he was satisfied that nothing serious and MGR needs some rest. And then he opened the machine and saw there wasn’t any bit of paper remaining. He was mystified that some force had worked giving out the last bit of paper to conclude the test. Even today Dr.V.V.Muthuswamy feels the event as a miracle.

Even though MGR had a panel of Senior Doctors to check his health regularly, MGR always asked him to stay with him. He cherishes the brotherhood nature that MGR showered on him.

(Source: Chennai Edition of “Dinamalar” dt.8.8.2006 from the column “They Said”)


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