Emperor of Tamil Cinema Part II

Emperor of Tamil Cinema Strikes Back Part II

Lets take a time travel to 22nd August 1958 the day “Nadodi Mannan” (Wanderer and King) released, the response for the film was excellent, a huge success and created a revolution in film making. A film released nearly two decades ago, when Cinema Technology was in nascent stage, when there was no Digital Theatre Sound or No Surround Sound playback and not even Stereo recording. What will happen when the same movie released now?

Imagine the same movie has to compete with the Young Hero films, those films having all sort of sound effects, and as well as CG effects. But still “Wanderer and King” is in the Toppers list. New films generate Rs.50,000/- per week as revenue for the Theatres alone. But “Wanderer and King” generated and still generating Rs.1,50,000/- per week. (Source ‘Daily Thanthi’) MGR is still the King in Box Office collection.

What does the film tells about? Is the film showcases scintillating Action? Rip roaring Comedy? Or Lengthy dialogues (as it is a protocol for the Old movies and also if it is a Historical one) the answer is big “NO”

Then how is the film is still a favourite? The film narrates the different back ground of the Rich and Poor. The revolutionary way to liberate the Poor and oppressed saying it in simple word “Socialism”

The film has Action not fully, Rip roaring Comedy – Limited, Lengthy dialogues – No, instead lot of catchy one liners, there was no Computer Graphics in 1950’s the Double Action scenes shot in were by mask technique, which gives us a feeling of Two MGR acting. As a thumb rule for a mask shot the camera should not move. But the Camera moves in “Wanderer and King” not in just one scene but more than 4 scenes. To my knowledge if my guess is right MGR should have used Back projection in two scenes. The songs are prophetic, the sets are sumptuous, and costumes are lively and vivid. Finally what MGR said in the movie, he did in his life and typical MGR formula, and these are the important ingredients that turned into a Money Maker movie.


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