Signs of the Sign


Every celebrity casts autographs to their fans scribbling words like “with love”, “yours” etc., did these words come from the heart or did they tell any thing to us and that the words will cherish in our lives.

In the picture above is the autograph of MGR who signed in Tamil

அண்ணா நாமம் வாழ்க”

உழைப்பவரே உயர்ந்தவர்”

(Thanks for the translation work of Viju)

Hail Anna (MGR’s Mentor)

Greatest are those who work hard.

The autograph gives us the insight how he loved his Mentor “Anna Durai” shortly and lovingly called “Anna” (also termed as Elder Brother in Tamil) and the message “Greatest are those who work hard” (a Hard worker).

Those who have the knowledge about Hand writing analysis look carefully the letters, the spacing, and the upward trend in signing. Did you notice any negative sign in his Signature?

His nature of likeness to be with others are very well revealed in spacing of the letters, and even placement of words to his neatness of work or personality. And then the numeral 2 written in two different ways simple 2 and embellished 2. Maybe it tells about his enigmatic nature.

Even his signature tells his character and makes us to follow what he said.


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