How fast (H) is fast

It was first week of November 1984, (nearly a month MGR fell sick and he was in very critical state). My mother asked me to accompany her to Siva Temple near my home. I went with her without knowing what for? The priest before starting the Prayer asked the name of the person to whom the prayer has to be done. My mother with glistened eyes said “MGR”. I looked at her oddly. Why? What for? What MGR has done to my family? Did he support my family in any dire circumstances, or giving out money to us? NO.

Why ordinary people like my mother who having no involvement neither in Politics nor an ADMK party member prayed for his health? The reason MGR had fulfilled the basic needs of people living in Arumbakkam. By how, the answer goes back to 1981-1982 period. There was shortage of drinking water in our area. The Arumbakkam village comes under the Anna Nagar Assembly constituency (The MLA was none other than Mr.M.Karunanidhi – now the Chief Minister) To fetch drinking water we have to carry two pots and travel nearly 4 kilometers for potable water. We have sent letters requesting the MLA of our constituency for providing drinking water facility. But nothing was done.

Someone suggested taking this matter to the direct attention of the Chief Minister MGR – who always respects women. And my mother wrote a letter describing the difficulties the women of Arumbakkam are facing. She signed the letter followed by other women and elders. The letter was delivered as usually to him.

Within two weeks Metro water department personals came and put up delivery line and another week or so water was gushing out from the tap.

Even the constituency is held by his rival DMK party MGR never let down the people. He responded immediately to the needy, downtrodden and especially the women of Tamilnadu. MGR always ready in carrying the burden of the Poor.


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