What is acting? Simply saying, actualizing. Unlike other contemporary actors MGR performed under acting even in sensitive scenes. What would you expect from a typical Tamil Heroine part, she admires, smiles, romances, dances, dines, sings, and sobs in Two and half hour?

In Ulagam Sutrum Valiban movie there was three main heroines apart from Mehta Rungroth, a Singapore TV actress who also took up as a heroine. MGR as a Director used Mehta Rungroth like a typical Tamil heroine! Like admiring, smiling, romancing, dancing, dining, singing and finally sobbing all in just 15 minutes. (And finally saying one word “Thangachi” (Sister).

You can find the clip of MGR and Mehta part in Ulagam Sutrum Valiban by clicking here (The video clip size is 1.2 MB, 12 seconds and it took 15 mintues!! to upload because I have dial up!) and you can see the natural acting talent of both and I bet you can’t say it is acting, it is candid.

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