Songs of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban

The movie Ulagam Sutrum Valiban has 10 songs
(1) Intha Vetriyai Naalai
(2) Lily Malaruku Kondatam
(3) Sirithu Vazha vendum
(4) Nilavu Oru Pennagi
(5) Thanga Thoni Ela
(6) Pachai Kili Muthu charam
(7) Bansaiyi
(8) Aval Oru Navarasa
(9) Ulagam Azhagu kalai
(10) Ulagam Sutrum Valibanodu

First song is the title song, 2nd song is the first duet song of the movie, (for our thought Lily (Latha) is the Secretary name the song goes in her name but Vimala (Manjula) is the character sings) the first half of the song are shot in Kashmir and not in foreign though appears to be foreign location. In the cup and saucer scene MGR lips doest not move but the song goes on, may be the negative was spoiled. 3rd song a typical MGR song shot in foreign location and match scenes those of close ups of MGR taken in Sathya Studio. 4th song another duet song, were some scenes are retaken in Sathya Studio, in this MGR and Manjula dances and MGR sings were there was only BGM, again the negative was opened. No other option but to add the frames. Here is a clip from “Nilavu Oru Pennagi”

5th Song “Thanga” is not a song from Ulagam Sutrum Valiban, it was a song composed for periodical movie “Inaientha Kaigal” the story line happens in Iran. When MGR proposed to shoot the film in Iran, the then Iran Government did not accept and the project was dropped. MGR fans should thank Iran because if they have given permission for shooting, MGR might have not gone for Ulagam Sutrum Valiban project. Despite the song is for periodical one the song perfectly suits to Ulagam Sutrum Valiban, shot entirely in Hong Kong waters. This was near to Hong Kong Airport, planes land every 5 to 10 minutes which MGR utilised in filming the song.

6th Song “Pachai kili Muthucharam” with Mehta Rungroth was a delight to MGR fans, they often asks once more in theatres. MGR looks so charming, young and energetic with usual colorful costumes, with traditional Thai dress. Some scenes were added in Studio with double of Mehta.

7th Song was shot entirely in Tokyo and in sub urb. The heroine wears traditional Japanese costumes. The scene goes with dolphin circus and sceneries.

8th Song with only duet with Lily (Latha) Water Ballad never seen before in Tamil Film was shot entirely in Glass tank constructed in Sathya Studio. And editing the visuals of water ballad performed by Japanese artists.

9th Song which comes before the climax and entirely shot in Expo 70, showcasing most of the pavilions in Expo 70. Half of the song was taken in Day time and half of the song for scenic Night time. The song still haunts in my memory. The song should have be taken in one month time, were MGR uses different costumes and for both characters. Camera work is note worthy.

10th song though present in the Collection was not filmed.

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