Fights in Ulagam Sutrum Valiban

The First fight scene in Ulagam Sutrum Valiban takes place in a Hotel. This fight is good example for continuity and editing. MGR used tight close up for Manohar whenever he gets hit by MGR. His face swollen looks funny.

Click to view the fight scene between MGR and R.S.Manohar:

The second fight is with Justin in time for saving damsel in distress. The action takes place in make up room. MGR uses wresting technique to out wit Justin.

The Third action scene comes very late nearly hour, not noticeable in the movie. Action scene appearing late in MGR movie is very rare. The fight according to story is between Scientists so less action more comical.

Photo showing MGR in air.

The Fourth action scene is the highlight of the film to me. This kind of fight scene is very rare in Tamil movies. Nambiyar character is not in the story at first later he was included in the script which gave a nice grip to the story. Even though Nambiyar scenes are just 10-15 minutes in the story, but he was to take revenge in the Second part of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban (Kizhaku Aprivakil Raju) His greedy eyes and ferocious gestures resembles a Lion, his prowess and his teeth are still in my memory. His action to get the brief case containing the formula is noteworthy.

A perfect kick: (The entire fight scenes of this movie was shot in 1972-73 at the age of 55 and MGR was ailing from Cataract problem)

In one of the kick shot performed by MGR, after several times of video pausing revealed the rising frame is MGR and kick in the mid air and landing is done by MGR’s stunt double. Who is it?

The climax fight of MGR roller skates shows not only MGR fighting talent but MGR’s Editing and camera technique. The stunt double of MGR is perfect fit. MGR used a transparent black cloth to cover his face which is very useful in close up shots that did not reveal the stunt double. The reality of this fight is that MGR did not skate for one time, YES not even one time – but looks like he did the skating, said by V.Gopalakrishnan who acted as the Doctor.

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