One Man in a Plane

In June 1996 I was undergoing a course on Airlines Ticket Management. My Instructor was Mr.Poondi Balaji he has just retired from Singapore Airlines Chennai Brach. He was taking a class on different kind of itinerary then he was giving a example about open jaw and one way ticket and the subject shifted to Japan Mr.Kanu who was a Doctor and who treated MGR’s Brain tumor.

When MGR was critical Doctors referred to Dr.Kanu who is a specialist in treating tumours in the brain. Arrangements were made but there was no schedule flight from Japan to Chennai. Singapore Airlines arranged unchartered flight to fly Dr.Kanu to Chennai. The Boeing flight having a capacity to carry more than 300 people reached Chennai with only one passenger onboard to save one man. Poondi Balaji told that it is waste of fuel to take that one passenger for a flight as a joke. My mind was thinking differently it is not for one mans breath it is Millions life they are dealing with. Whoever taken the decision is correct.

After recuperation MGR showed is birth nature his generosity and gratitude to Dr.Kanu. The portraits that hang in MGR’s home are his Mother, his mentor Annadurai and Dr.Kanu. Such was his position he has given to the doctor.

Arigato gozaimasu Dr.Kanu from MGR Fans.


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