Reposted Again

Reposted again:

This is a scene when MGR gets rid of hunchback while editing this scene I observed these:

Shot 1 : when MGR says “Nobody will say me that I am Hunchback” followed by

Shot 2: Jayalalitha’s dialogue, (I have cut this shot not in this clip) and MGR answer shaking his head continuation of shot 1.

Shot 3: “I have raisen”

I have edited the entire scene and cut out scene 2 and astonished on the editing prowess of MGR. Actually this scene has two shots only shots 1 and 2 are shot at the same time using two cameras and giving a look of another shot, shot 1 is taken on the right side and shot 3 from behind him and on the left side, in between shot 2 for Jayalalitha which I edited.

Box Office Record:
Adimai Penn’s release is an attempt in the series of revival of classics, that quite often Tamil cinema witnesses. Re-released last week by Divya Films, the movie has come as a refreshing change for the fans of the yesteryear superstar.
Trade Talk:No dearth of fans at the theatres, that it has been released in relatively big screens is noteworthy.
Public Talk:Crowds at the theatre suggest that MGR’s charm as a legendry actor has never gone out of fashion or would it ever!
No. Weeks Completed: 1No. Shows in Chennai over this weekend: 20Average Theatre Occupancy over this weekend: 48 %Collection over this weekend in Chennai: Rs.565,502Total collections in Chennai by end of the second weekend: Rs.22 Lakhs

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