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Records of Nadodi Manan Part II

November 20, 2007

Name of the Movie halls surpassed more than 50 days:

Apara 84 days
Sivaji 84 days
Navrang 56 days

Trivandrum : Chitra 98 days

Ad showing the Success of Nadodi Mannan

Nadodi Mannan was released on Deepavali festive in Singapore and Malaysia, the record follows: Below is the Ad for Nadodi Mannan Release in Singapore and Malaysia.

Foreign countries
Srilanka :
Kingsley 106 days
Raja 107 days
Gaiety 106 days
Central 106 days
Plaza 112 days
Nawaz 101 days

Royal 50 days

Kuala Lumpur Lido, Central all 50 days

Ipoh: Grand and Sun more than 50 days

Royal 50 days

Lido and Rex 50 days