Records of Nadodi Mannan III

Nadodi Mannan was selected as the Best Film for 1958.

After Madurai Veeran, MGR Pictures Nadodi Mannan reached the 1 Crore Mark collection.

This was the first film to surpass 100 days for the second time re-release in the same theatre. Thiruvannamalai Krishna.

First and only movie released subsequently in 6 movie halls in Srilanka to cross 100 days.

On the function side, MGR was awarded from Anna Durai 110 sovereign Gold Sword. Late in 1985 he gifted the sword to Moogambigai Temple, Karnataka.

MGR is the first Director to get the Best Director award on his debut as Director.

Nadodi Mannan which was released in Salem Town is the only film which reached 25 weeks this record was unbroken until MGR became the Chief Minister.

This was the first Tamil movie screened continuously for 8 weeks in London.

Nadodi Mannan has run time of nearly 4 hours. It is the lengthiest MGR movie so far.

This movie Nadodi Mannan holds the record for the most number of Special Edition issued by 10 national Newspapers and the Indian Movie News of Singapore has also issued a Special Edition on the success of Nadodi Mannan.

And the first movie in the World to show a Political flag as a Banner.

All the Actors and Actress who participated in the film gave a memento, 6 feet Silver Cup which is now in MGR Memorial house.

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