Madurai Celebrations by S.Kumar

These are the Re-release of MGR movies in Trichy, Madurai theatres. The photos are sent by Madurai S.Kumar an ardent MGR Devotee. He writes about MGR records in and around Madurai to several MGR books, special editions and in News Papers. A MGR fan wearing a Dhoti and checked shirt seen near “Ninaithathai Mudipavan” Banner is S.Kumar. Most of MGR movie records I post are given by Madurai S.Kumar.

“Ayirathil Oruvan” released in Trichy Star on 14.10.2007.

“Enga Veetu Pillai” released in Madurai Central and this image is taken on 28.10.2007.

“Ninaithathai Mudipavan” released in Madurai Meenatchi from 13.10.2007, this image on 15.10.2007. The following image is also “Enga Veetu Pillai” Madurai Central on 28.10.2007.

This movie “Neethiku Thalaivanangu” was released on 2.9.2007 Madurai Meenatchi note the various pictures of MGR.

MGR Pictures Ulagam Sutrum Valiban also released recently this Deepavali along with other New Deepavali release movies. As per the rule Survivor is the Fittest this movie completed second week (Photo soon in this blog) amongst other films such as Vijay’s Azhagiya Tamil magan, Surya’s Vel, Dhanush Pollathavan. These films failed to over shadow MGR’s old movie Ulagam Sutrum Valiban.

Another image of the same movie.

“Veetaikaran” released 19.8.2007 in Madurai Central, note the number of garlands and the size of the garlands. And also MGR unseen photo from the movie ‘Adimai Penn”.

Images are provided by S.KUMAR, Madurai-625 001.

I thank Mr.S.Kumar for allowing me to use these images in my Blog.

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