When the Earth Stood Still

24th December 1987 the Time was 4.30 am my brother who went to buy milk return sober face and told MGR is dead. I thought the news should be another rumour. But when the time went past 5.30 am there was no traffic, silence. Radio announced MGR’s death. The Earth stood still, my neighbours (Press Owner and his brothers) who are hard core MGR fans were dumb struck. They dont know how to react to the news, some of them left to see MGR for the last time.

Here is the video of MGR’s final journey. I got this video somehow I edited to 2 mts, but when I tried to add some background music I was not able to do it. Eventhough I closed my room I was in tears, so I left this video muted.

Today MGR’s remembrance. My home is located in Purasawalkam constituency which is hold by DMK. But every street end there is MGR smiling face kept by MGR Fans.


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