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Offensive writing – After Effects II

March 1, 2008

Yesterday I received a phone call from Ponmanachemmal MGR Bakthargal and they told there will be a protest and hunger Strike against the writing of Jeyamohan and Ananda Vikatan on MGR tomorrow near Chepauk Cricket Stadium.

Today between my work I went to Chepauk by 12 noon Yukesh Babu accompanied me in the protest dias, gathering of MGR fans, important persons from Cinema, Polictics, Writers and artists. Some of them are Thirunavakarasu M.P. (Bharatya Janata Party) Poet Kasi Muthu Manickam, MGR Assistant MGR Muthu, Actors Radha Ravi, Mayil Samy, Kumaresan, Directors P.Vasu, V.C.Kuganathan, Rajan, MGR relative Thottam Vijayan, Ithayakani Editor Vijayan, MGR Car Driver Kaliannan, MGR’s makeup man son Hariaran and others.

All of them condemned Jeyamohan his way of indecent writing. Police protection was there amidst the Birthday function of Kalingar Son Mu.Ka.Stalin.

Speech by Kasi Muthumanickam (Poet)

These are the excerts from the speeches made by P.Vasu, Thirunavakarasu M.P. and Ithayakani Editor Vijayan.

P.Vasu: I am the son of Peethambaram who have touched MGR several times because he is the Make up man of Puratchi Thalaivar. I always admire him, his skin colour, lips, the cheeks etc.MGR is the most beautiful person in Cinema. Recently Mayil Samy presented me a MGR portriat it was very beautiful picture of MGR and very homely look. We know how MGR is and how he acted in films, Jeymohan should re consider. And I strongly condemn Jeyamohan and the artist who mimics MGR in TV shows. I am now working with Rajni for the up coming film Kuselan and recently Rajni asked me what is the secret and how MGR made all his films success?

Thirunavakarasu: I was a member of ADMK. I was also one of the cabinet minister of Puratchi Thalaivar MGR.I will give you some incidents from Puratchi Thalaivar MGR life that how much civilised Puratchi Thalaivar MGR is.

The first incident is when MGR is the Chief Minister I also had to accompany him in his travels in Tamil Nadu on one such occasion we came near a Farm – Farmer and his wife who were working in the field. There was no one except the farmer and his wife. When the Car stopped the farmer came running and looked inside the car to see MGR smiling. He reverendly touched Puratchi Thalaivar MGR and he was in tears, then MGR asked him do you have any problems tell me I will help you? The farmer answered, No… there is no problem for us in your rule. Then MGR’s usual conversation continued and while leaving MGR gave them a handful of cash but the Farmer with a shock throwed the money into the Car. We dont want any money. I have touched you that is equivalent to crores that is enough. MGR sat back and when the car moved he told me, I fear how I will be able to hold this Love till my death, I have to work hard more to be loved by them forever.

Director P.Vasu, Thirunavukarasu M.P., MGR Muthu.

when speaking about the meeting between MGR and Prince Charles

Another incident is when in November 3rd 1979 Prince of Wales Charles visited India and he came to Madras now Chennai. MGR asked to accompany Charles wherever he went. I did what he said. When Prince Charles met MGR – he talked to Puratchi Thalaivar for sometime and MGR took leave. When we came back Prince Charles questioned me, is MGR is from Royal family? I answered we call him King of Kings through films. Prince Charles asked again is he from Royal Family? I told no not in this birth maybe last birth he should have been King and I asked him why you are asking like that. Prince Charles told me MGR behavior is very civilised I have gone to many countries and meet so many Politicans but MGR ‘s talk, his look, the way he handles his cap, glasses and kerchief gives a sign of Royal. MGR is most civilised man and as we the Fans of MGR should maintain such dignity in this stage. We should not call names who has ill treated MGR. I also condemn Jeyamohan who have also wrote about Sivaji Ganesan one of the Great Actors of India.

To be continued.