MGR’s Unfinished movies II

By the end of 1969 MGR went on to make a movie under the Banner MGR Productions “Inaintha Kaigal”. The story was inspired from a Hindi film Prithiviraj Kapoor’s “Daktha Mansoor”. The story is real one from the life of Muslim Chief Mansoor who lived in Iran.

Arrangements were made the story draft was changed 3 times before it went on to shooting stage. N.T.Ramarao was booked for the Telugu version of this movie. A grand function was held in Sathya studios on the first day shooting of the movie, presided by Kalaignar Karunanidhi.The crew involved in this movie are M.S.Viswanathan – Music, Lyrics by Vali and Pulavar Vedha, Camera by V.Ramamurthy, Story – Syed Hajah Mohideen alias Ravindran, Dialogues by Sornam, Jambu for Editing, Stunts by Shyam Sundar, Arts by Anga Muthu and Direction by Chanakya.

The Ad placed in Daily Thanthi

Story : Mansoor was born in Royal family, circumstances make Mansoor and his mother get separated from the family. Mansoor was raised by a Poor man named Moosa. Mansoor becomes a thief for living. Years roll by, Mansoor helps the poor and needy by giving them food, care and money, and stand for their cause and against the reigning King. An incident happens that he becomes changed man when he falls in Love with a girl who is a princess. Her father is Harun Al Rashid. Mansoor gets to know his birth mystery. He get assisted by his Lover. A greater task was kept in front of Mansoor to provide water to her Kingdom. He triumphantly performs the task by breaking the mountain with that he gets to know about his Mother and finds her and finally the throne he rightly owned.

MGR planned to introduce Iranian Actress as the heroine for this movie.

Four songs were recorded three usual movie songs and one lengthy Kavali type song. The songs such as

a. Nilavu Oru Pennagi (the song was used in Ulagam Sutrum Valiban – MGR and Manjula)

b. Aval Oru Navarasa Nadagam (this song also used in Ulagam Sutrum Valiban – MGR and Latha the one with water ballad)

c. Konjam Neram Ennai Marenthan (this song was used in Sirithu Vazha Vendum – MGR and Latha, remember both of them in lots of costumes for that song)

A forest set was made in Sathya Studio and shots were taken as MGR saving four girls and some dialogue scene between MGR and orphan children.

MGR and Geethanjali in Inaintha Kaigal

When the shots in studio were completed MGR asked Chitra Krishnasamy to get the permission from the Iran Government to shoot the movie in their country. The situation changed when Chitra Krishnasamy went to meet the Government they asked the story, after reading the story they denied permission. The reason the then Iran country was ruled by a King, it is capital punishment to mock a King or telling a story a thief becoming a King. King and Queen are highly placed and they do not want such a story to be shot in their country. Chitra Krishnasamy returned home and he told the sad story.

Story writer had a chance meeting Fartheen an International actor who is also one of the member from the Royal Family and asked can he do any help regarding picturising the movie. He firmly said you can ask the King to give the greatest treasures from his kingdom but not this kind of story. We are very strict we did not like disrespecting the King and Queen. You might have seen that all the foreign movies running in Iran are dubbed and released in Persian language. The Censor board is very powerful than our Police. I cannot help regarding this movie.

Then MGR made a 4th draft changing the back drop to India. Some characters are to be deleted and new ones to be created. When M.G.Chakrapani was asked to take the role of the King Rashid he did not accept and went on to take the role of Poor Moosa. He acted in the role of raising the child character Mansoor because he desired to raise MGR’s son in real life but that did not happen for that he wanted to act as Poor Moosa to raise MGR’s son in reel life. 5th draft was made and Actress Geethanjali acted with MGR for some scenes.

The movie was dropped the reason unknown then MGR went on to make “Ulagam Sutrum Valiban”.

MGR asked the story department for lavishness in the movie. Imagine the scene of breaking the mountain and the rushing water in those days. 3 Dream songs in Iranian back drop. The sets are inspired from Arabian Nights story. Costumes that MGR used is very different and shows individuality. Apart from the head dress MGR keeps the knife in his throat.

Excerpts from Nenjil Neraiantha Ponmanachemmal and image from Ithayakani magazine November 2003 issue.



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    V.THIYAGU Says:


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      mgrroop Says:

      Sorry to say, MGR did not put make up after 1977 to star in the movie, Ithuthen yen pathil movie the songs were recorded and pooja was done and that’s it. Election date was announced and MGR shelved this movie.

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