Story of Ayirathil Oruvan Part 3

After reaching the ship they attack Nambiyar’s crew and capture the pirate ship. When one of MGR’s men try to kill Nambiyar, MGR interferes and saves him. He request pardon for his men’s action, further continues and ask Nambiyar’s help to sail them to Naythal Nadu. Nambiyar assures that he will help MGR for he has saved his life.

Canon was fired as a warning to anchor the ship. And Ramadoss orders to send one man MGR to the shore. MGR’s men and Nambiyar too did not wish to send MGR to the shore, but MGR speaks about Leader’s sacrificial nature.

Nagesh : Without you we will not succeed.

Gundumani : We all wish to die with you.

MGR: If you think I am your Leader, then you all have to fulfill my desires.

Everyone: We will do it

MGR: I am going to the shore and nobody should stop me.

Everyone: No

MGR: My wish is to save all your lives. Why all has to suffer for me. What is wrong for me to take all your sufferings. You all know my ambition, be cheerful, I will come back.

(A lamp is seen above MGR and Nagesh during the above dialogue and a Candle in another shot were MGR is getting down from the ship, a kind of montage, candle is for sacrifice, Light is for giving enlightenment to his men)

MGR reaches the shore and Ramadoss shows his pistol and MGR ask his permission to allow his men to sail safely, but Ramadoss has another plan when he gets hold of MGR he wish to kill all the men in the ship with his canon. Unfortunately for Ramadoss, MGR acts quickly and gets the pistol from him and orders his soldiers to stay away from the canons. MGR takes Ramadoss as a hostage (in a long shot birds are flying a natural montage, as MGR is getting free, Director Sankar once said that when filming MGR movie miracles happened in Adimai Penn, this is one example for Ayirathil Oruvan) and reaches the pirate ship with everyone’s excitement. When the ship starts to sail and reaches out of firing range, MGR gives a boat and ask him to leave. Ramadoss while reaching the shore lets out a war cry as usual by MGR villains “Unna kavanithukolgiran” (I will make you pay for this)

MGR and his men set sail with merriment, but the next shot was Poongodi (Jayalalitha) with tears in her eyes, saying my life is going there, pointing to the pirate ship. (A second my enthusiasm drained) this feeling in shown in the next shot with MGR and Nagesh. And he tells how strong the thoughts become when let loose and how it becomes our servant when trained.

“Unnai nan santhithen” follows, in between the song Nambiyar mentions that they are running out of water and provision and to obtain he has to anchor his ship in Selvatheevu. The song continues, the end of lyrics is the opening of new struggle to MGR leadership.

To be continued.

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