Story of Ayirathil Oruvan Part IV

Long shot showing the boats from the pirate ship reaching the shores of Selvatheevu. The pirate Leader Nambiyar was welcomed by the Queen enacted by L.Vijayalakshmi, she bows on seeing Nambiyar this gives a suspicion to MGR. Nambiyar introduces MGR to the Queen as they need her help. With swift motion MGR and his men are arrested, Nambiyar removes the cloud of suspicion that he is also the Leader of Selvatheevu.

The next shot MGR called upon by Nambiyar and ask him to join his side to become a pirate, as most of his men are killed in the battle. MGR turns down the offer and the pirate leaders rage boils and says that I will kill you with your men. Without hesitation MGR pleads not to ill-treat his men. Nambiyar understands that MGR’s weekness is that he loves his men and he cannot stand against their suffering he can easily make MGR surrender to his wish. Then Nambiyar utters now itself I know the end of the story, he turns to his assistant and orders to execute all MGR’s men in front of him.

MGR rushes to Nambiyar to stop his action and pleads to take his life and leave them as they are his Dear. Nambiyar nearing victory if you really love your men then why you hesitate, kill them. MGR tries to stop the crushing floor and knowing it is not possible with out having second thought MGR say (Nan sammathikiran, Kollaikaranaga nan sammathikiran) I accept, I accept to become a pirate. (Note that the words instead of saying Kollaikaranaga nan sammathikiran, he says first Nan sammathikiran. That crucial word that will stop Nambiyar’s action. A classical example from Ramayanam, that when Hanuman was sent by Lord Rama to know the whereabouts of Seetha, after Hanuman returns he says ‘Kandean Seethai’ and then only were she is. Hanuman knows that what Lord Rama needs at present. Same handling of dialogue by R.K.Shanmugam.) MGR kneels and takes the oath to become the pirate and abide to the law of the Island.

The concept of convincing a rival to surrender to his wish is followed in almost all language movies and Hollywood is not different, even a movie having Super Hero character. MGR character in Ayirathil Oruvan ‘Manimaran’ basically a Doctor circumstances makes him to take up the Leadership and to fight against his Ruler. Manimaran character is flesh and blood like us.

In Warner Brothers movie “Superman” the leading character ‘Kal -El’ a.k.a. Superman (Earth name) is a super hero, an alien who came to planet Earth when his home planet Krypton exploded. He was raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent. He comes to know about his Powers and the reason why he was sent to Earth becomes Superman and fights for Truth, Justice in American way. In the second part of the movie Superman II, his father’s (Jor-El) rivals General Zod, Ursa and Non reaches Earth and came to know about Jor-Els son Superman and tries to take revenge. First meeting with Superman General Zod orders to kneel before him and accept him as his superior he turns down the offer General Zod havocs destruction and innocent people suffer, to stop this in the climax Superman kneels down and takes General Zod hand. The time line of both movies are nearly 15 odd years apart both movies have same kind of characterization.

Similarity between Ayirathil Oruvan and Superman II movie.

A look into the similarities between MGR acted Ayirathil Oruvan and Christopher Reeve acted Superman II

Hero – MGR (Manimaran) Hero – Christoper Reeve (Superman)

Villain – Nambiyar (Pirate Leader) Villain – Terrance Stamp (General Zod)

Sufferers – MGR’s men Sufferers – Innocent people

Coming back to Ayirathil Oruvan MGR his fewer men and lots of Nambiyar’s pirates goes to sea. When they saw a passenger ship a pirate tries to blow the horn, but MGR stops and says what is the use of stealing from a passenger ship when we try and nail a pirate ship we get lot of gold.

To be continued.

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