Story of Ayirathil Oruvan Part VII

After a long time R.S.Manohar the Dictator of Neithal Nadu comes into the scene. To lift his spirit he was adviced to participate in the festival for that the Dictator plans to travel to his neigbouring country.

The news reaches MGR and comes out with a plan to take over the navy in the middle of the sea. Poongodi (Jayalalitha) enters the hut and MGR calls her to get ready that he will personally take her to her home. Poongodi (Jayalalitha) denies and tells that she is willing to be wife. MGR as usual says that her life will wither out like a flower if she marries him. (As MGR character is doctor who researches with plants and herbs he relates life with flowers) She has taken the decision to stay with him and help in his duty.

But MGR was unwilling to risk her life and stays with his option. No way to convince him, she finally tells him that she has consumed poison and that she wants her last wish to be fulfilled. Her last wish? To marry him.

Take note that MGR calls her as Princess from the beginning but when she was on verge of death then he says Poongodi, the true love comes out. MGR performs the wed lock and comes to know that Poongodi has dramatized.

Only one duet song of the movie follows. The set used in the final stanza of the duet song is worth mentioning the set is a garden with a pond and moon lit when the camera moves the upper part of the set reflects in the pond, there was no cat walks a well planned camera angle basically the camera with that position, the cat walk should be seen but the pond reflects the background and the full moon.

As a last resort Nambiyar plans to ambush MGR in mid sea. He request MGR to take his turn. MGR utilize this opportunity as an unexpected gift from the Leader. He then assist Poongodi to get inside the large wooden case.

MGR, Nagesh and some of his men with the case makes to the shore. Unexpectedly Nambiyar intercepts and gives some cool comments on his new sword with a quick reflex he stabs the wooden box when he tries to do again MGR opens and lifts Poongodi out of the Box.

Nambiyar tells that MGR has disobeyed the law of the Island to that MGR retorts next to you. To finish the matter once and for all they come up with a duel the result whoever lasts will be the Leader.

With MGR’s smiling face and cool moves over the dangerous cliffs the fight ends with MGR as victorious. Then Nambiyar turns into a new leaf and request him to become the Leader of Selvatheevu as per the rule of the Island. MGR denies the offer and ask him to continue as the Leader of the Island that he only need the freedom of his homeland.

Nambiyar extends his helping hand and he assures that his people will be on his side and will fight against the Dictator of Neithal Nadu.

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