Story of Ayirathil Oruvan Part VIII

“Atho Antha Paravai Pola” philosophical song follows. The song emphasize on goodness of Freedom. Some of the main points in the song are:

Did the air gets away from us that we are slaves?

Did the sea water differs hot when we touch?

Did the time leaves us?

Did we (slaves) born motherless?

Did we speak without language?

Why we need Freedom.

Millions should live united so we need freedom

The country should turn into shrine so we need freedom

We have to sing and dance without fear, so we need freedom


‘Adimai vazhum bhoomi engum vendum viduthalai’

The reason for their fight against the Dictator.

A lot has to be said about the song, but I will write it in separate post on songs of MGR movies. A look into that song: Number of people in the ship, the ship used in this shot is caravel but not fully caravel. It is a modified version. Which can hold nearly 20 to 30 crews. The camera has to be placed in a awkward positions to get the song picturised. The camera was in the ship most of the time and only once the camera was mounted on another ship to show the entire crew singing while MGR clapping his hands. They used trolley shot when required.

The sun was right on top, in one line of the song, MGR hanging from a rope slowly slides and keeps the hand on the deck and then lifts his head to the camera. What is the difficultly here? The difficultly is when he faces the camera the sun rays directly hits him in his eyes but there was no blinking before raising his head MGR carefully keeps his eyes half opened and then he lifts there was no problem from direct sun light. (Most of the yesteryear actors had the capacity they were trained in such a way, you can see this in many MGR and Sivaji starer films)

After the song the humming continues. Poongodi (Jayalalitha) raises doubts about the victory condition. Take into mind they are fighting against the well trained navy of the King. MGR coolly says victory is always in the side of Truth. He further says that his people are aware of the fact that most of them will not survive to see their family, but look they are happy. And the truth is those who are involved in social life takes the death as sleep. Why that sleep will not come to me? (When he say this dialogue he lifts his shoulders, taking the inevitable happily like his men)

Nee oru Veeranganai

The next day the pirate ship founds the Dictator’s ship approaching, Nambiyar comes to MGR’s cabin and he says that he will take command. The next scene was the sails coming down, anchor lowers and the crew act like dead bodies. (Note that MGR in his movies this kind of action cannot be seen, this is one of cowardly act or an act of villain, MGR always faces the enemy in front and never want to take them unnoticed). When the Dictator’s ships touches the pirate ship a very beautiful editing, close up of MGR and Jayalalitha, MGR handing over the knife to her to take care and as the danger has touched them (ship). In all the movies especially the colour movies of MGR, he attires Red costume in the climax. But in this movie MGR is cladded in White but Red hue in border and head band. The way in which he wants freedom is by sword but the cause is nobler (white).

The pirate ship was bounded to the Dictator’s ship and he commands his men to enter. When the Dictator comes into the pirate ship the real war begins. All the crew acting as dead raises up and faces the dictator’s army. MGR starting the war with a few words and continues to fight slowly. Unusual fight for MGR his movement and reflex are quick but in this sequence it was slow rather say it is very slow. The reasons because?

The fight was continued by Nambiyar. Both goes inside the ship and the fight continues and finally Nambiyar fells unconscious and MGR continues this time the sword fight is very fast and as usual by MGR. Now the Dictator finds difficult in holding the fast and furious MGR and finally he faces the defeat but MGR (remember white costume) tells him that he wants not his life but only his attitude towards the people. Nambiyar returning to conscious throws the poisoned dagger from the back side of the Dictator. MGR rushes and holds the Dictator and gives him treatment. Even though the dagger is poisoned he was cured by MGR (well trained in detoxification) The pirates were crushed by the navy and the Dictator gets up and orders to arrest MGR without mercy.

In the court Dictator (R.S.Manohar) takes his knees and ask him to take the throne and rule as per his wish he wanted it to say in the ship itself but he knows that MGR will not accept it. MGR turning victorious assures that R.S.Manohar is completely changed (Manohar’s hand on MGR’s chest) so he can give a good rule to the people and request to use the talent of Nambiyar and make him as the Commander of Neithal Nadu.

MGR and Jayalalitha bids farewell and he returns his research and service to their people a song in background claiming him that he is Ayirathil Oruvan.

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