Junior MGR’s Visit

30.4.2008, Wednesday the time was 3.15 p.m. MGR’s blood, Makkal Thilagam’s genes, Ponmanachemmal, Puratchi Thalaivar MGR’s Grandson Pradeep Balu (Jr.MGR) entered into my home, we welcomed him with a bouquet. Pradeep Balu (Junior MGR) was very simple, he was wearing yellow striped shirt and plain khaki pant. No makeup just a simple man like his Grand Father.

First my mother explained to Jr.MGR in which way we are related to MGR. The talk went on and Jr.MGR told lot about MGR’s strictness how he disliked getting late, how he gave advices to MGC children. And topic shifted to MGR’s family. Junior MGR’s uncle M.G.C.Chandran had lot of informations on the birth of MGR and his early years. Some are here: History has to be re-written.

MGR’s father had two wives, one is Sathyabama and another wife lived in Kerala (they had two sons, who had correspondence with M.G.Chakrapani, but MGR disliked and did not contact them because they did not help when MGR father died) MGR’s Father is a Magistrate (there is no doubt about it as there are lot of false informations such as he is a civil servant, Principal and even a Shop keeper) after MGR’s father Gopala Menon died, Sathyabama and two children MGC and MGR left all there belongings in Sri Lanka. They came to Kerala, Gopala Menon‘s another wife drove them away (First wife children had two daughters Kamalakshi, Sumitra, and one son named Balakrishnan, they are not born to Satyabhamma, in most of the books about MGR the authors had said that MGR had 2 brothers 2 sisters and MGR is the last son of Sathyabama but the truth is opposite) then and without anybodys help they traveled to Burma & Rangoon and stayed shortly and then came to Erode and stayed with their relatives for sometime and finally they came to Kumbakonam. Their mother worked in several places and wanted her children to go to school. She founded very difficult to send their children to school, near by their was a drama troupe they went to acting and her mother joined them and in the drama troupe the first role got by. (from this the history is not much different only some we all know).

MGR was very much childish he gets angry so quick that MGC used to convince him every time, even in Family matters and as well as in Cinema shooting.

‘Arasakattalai’ was produced and Directed by MGC but MGR was the real Director, The film took 3 years in making. MGC also acted in Arasakattalai but due to length of the movie his part got deleted. I have posted earlier about unseen photo of MGC with Manohar click here: url link

MGC family include 10 children











M.G.C.Sukumar acted in three movies and one film ‘Nadigan Kural’ only climax scene is left.

Final topic was about Junior MGR what he is deserving to do, how to keep the family name. He told about the song which changed his attitude from the movie “Nan en piranthan’ Nadu enna seithathu unnaku endru kelvikagal ketpathu yatharku, nee ennai seithai atharku endru ninaithal nanmai unaku” change the word Country to MGR.

MGR enna seithar unaku endru kelvikagal ketpathu yatharku, nee ennai seithai avaruk endru ninaithal nanmai unaku.

Let all wish Junior MGR’s success in his endeavor.

Images in the future post.

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