Emperor of Re-Release

Nadodi Mannan was re-released on August 2006 followed by Ayirathil Oruvan and Adimai Penn in various centers. In this 1 ½ year these 3 movies screened 3 and 4 shows a day have so far collected more than 1 crore as revenue. Though Ayirathil Oruvan was telecasted in several TV channels but still the movie has the magic to draw crowd.

Adimai Penn

1 Melody (13 days)

2 Bharath (7 days)

3.Abirami (7 days)

4.Sri Brinda (12 days)

5.Kamala (7 days)

6.Rohini complex (7 days)

7.Mahalakshmi (7 days)

8.Natraj (7 days)

9.Gopikrishna (7 days)

10.Bala Murali (7 days)

11.Vetri (12 days)

12.Vigneshwara (7 days)

Nadodi Mannan

1.Albert (10 days)

2.Baby Albert (11 days)

3.Bharath (7 days)

4.Sri Brinda (7 days)

5.Kamala (7 days)

6.Star (7 days)

7.Mahalakshmi (7 days)

8.Pandian (7 days)

9.Natraj (7 days)

10.Ganapathy Ram (7 days)

11.Krishna (7 days)

12.Kamadhenu (7 days)

13.Liberty (7 days)

14.Broadway (7 days)

15.Vijaya (7 days)

16.Noorjahan (7 days)

17.Golden Eagle (7 days)

Ayirathil Oruvan

1.Annai Abirami (7 days)

2.Kamala (7 days)

3.Rohini (7 days)

4.Anna (7 days)

5.Murali Krishna (7 days)

6.Mahalakshmi (7 days)

7.Natraj (7 days)

8.Ganapathy Ram (7 days)

9.Gopikrishna (7 days)

10.Kamadhenu (7 days)

11.Devi Karumari (7 days)

12.Noorjahan (7 days)

13.Select (7 days)

14.Saravana (7 days)

Adimai Penn re-released in Abirami (12 days) Mahalakshmi (7 days), Bharath (7 days), Natraj (7 days) fetched around 10 lakhs in just 5 months.

MGR is not only Box Office Emperor but also Emperor of re-release. Other actors movies past or present are seen only in TV channels but MGR movies are also telecasted in TV channels and re-released in theaters simultaneously.

Data provided by B.S.Raj, Editor “Urimai Kural” magazine and Ma.Ki.Venkat of Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal.

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