Curtain Raiser Nadodi Mannan

The 65 page Anniversary Issue “Urimal Kural MGR” Nadodi Mannan Pon Vizha Aandu 1958 to 2008, will be released by the end of August. It contains 4 colour images and 40+ black and white photos of MGR only.

Here are the two colour images of the book. Subsequently the front cover will be posted in future post. The entire book contains all the records of Nadodi Mannan, not only the Box Office collection but also the finest details that are not known to the general public about the movie Nadodi Mannan. The Book also includes some of the extracts from “Yaruku Vetri” written by MGR in 1959.

The interviews given by various artists who participated in Nadodi Mannan movie. The book also contains the re-release records of the movie in 1980s to till date and how well it fared in the Box Office.

B.S.Raj has composed all these details in short span of three weeks. Let us pray for the success of this Anniversary issue. The movie Nadodi Mannan will be released soon in Chennai theatres.

Those interested to purchase this Book please email to

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