Ulagam Sutrum Valiban returns

Emgeeyar Pictures “Ulagam Sutrum Valiban” is to be re-released next month after the dispute. The movie is going to be released by Diamond Pictures.

We were expecting Ulagam Sutrum Valiban release earlier in May then to June and then to July end or August first week then the unsettled dispute made a huge blow to the release of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban. But finally Raj and Murugan will hit the silver screen soon and the wait is worth.

MGR starrer Ulagam Sutrum Valiban is enhanced visually to digital and changed to Cinemascope.

The movie songs also enhanced to DTS quality, some of the scenes in the movie are re-edited for CGI inclusion particularly climax scene. Further re-release with re-mastered in the pipe line are Emgeeyar Pictures “Nadodi Mannan” and “Adimai Penn”.

Click to enlarge

MGR painstaking works or MGR master piece works are re-mastered again lets wait for the grand day. I thank Yukesh Babu who forwarded the message and image.

Images from Dinakaran Chennai Edition:


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