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Mega Release Part VII

October 31, 2008
Ulagam Sutrum Valiban successful 3rd week. Below are the images taken from Daily thanthi

E-paper edition of Daily Thanthi.

within few days we will get the accurate box office collection of every single theatre in Tamil Nadu. That will be posted in our blog.

These are the four theatres screening Ulagam Sutrum Valiban for 3rd week without shifting or changing the movie due to Diwali festival.

Madurai Thirunagar – Mani Imphala

Nellai – Bombay

Salem – Santhi

Nagercoil – Vasantham palace (not in the ad list)

The response in Nellai Bombay theatre is tremendous. And it has collected more than 5 lakhs in two weeks and the ticket is from Rs.10 to Rs.50.

4 shows consecutive for third week. Breaking previous records of any re-released movie at any given time.

Even though the back ground music is not up to the mark in several scenes, people throng theatres. I find more number of younger people watching this movie.

Thanks to Yukesh Babu for forwarding the images and B.S.Raju for the information on collection records.

Mega Release Part VI

October 28, 2008
This is the miniature re-created by Kalai Venthan MGR Bakthargal in 3D placed in Pilot theatre.

Buddha temple entrance

These are placards placed by 114th division, Thousand Lights.

This is the main banner fixed in front of the theatre of ‘”Makkal Thilagam MGR Pothunala Mandram” Chennai division.

Various placards

The records of Yesteryear release of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban.

Photos and records.

This image is during the evening show on Sunday.

Please click to read:

MGR Devotee from Nellai

These are ads from Daily Thanthi Madurai and Nellai Edition. More pics from Madurai celebration from S.Kumar will follow soon.

Nellai – Bombay theatre.

A typical MGR Fan who has seen this movie from the day of release.

MGR Asokan fight

Collection details of Chennai centres

1. Sri Brinda – 17.10.2008 to 24.10.2008 (8 days) Rs.3,15,000/-

2. Pilot – 17.10.2008 to 26.10.2008 (10 days) Rs.2,80,000/-

3. Mahrani – 17.10.2008 to 24.10.2008 (8 days) Rs.4,20,000/-

4. Motcham – 17.10.2008 to 25.10.2008 (9 days) Rs.3,00,000/-

Total collections all over Tamilnadu with 45 prints above Rs.1,00,00,000/- as on 26.10.2008 accurate details will follow soon. A record unparallel.

MGR Nambiyar fight Video in DTS

This is taken from Mumbai edition of Daily Thanthi. The same was published in Black and White in Chennai edition.

Mega Release Part V

October 24, 2008

Today is the 2nd week of “Ulagam Sutrum Valiban”. Below are the ads placed in Daily Thanthi. Images forwarded by MGR Devotee Yukesh Babu and Murugan Dharmalingam.

Even though the astounding success and collection of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban did not appear in any Tamil Daily (why?) only Times of India came out with the success of MGR movie release. Below are the excerpt from Times of India Chennai Edition issue dated 23.10.2008, on the success and unbelievable collection of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban.

The Magic of MGR

MGR’s magic still works wonders at the Box Office nearly two decades after his death.

Last Friday Ulagam Sutrum Valiban, the movie produced and directed by MGR, was re-released in four Chennai theatres by R.V.Mani of OK Films through their sister concern Diamond Films, which holds the theatrical re-issue rights of the film.

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Despite heavy rains, the film has been released on 34 screens across Tamil Nadu on October 17 and has made a collection of a whopping Rs.41 lakhs in the first three days. Just before our re-release, Raj TV had telecasted the film, yet people thronged theatres to watch the movie. At Pilot theatre, paalabhishekam was conducted on the cut-out of MGR. Just before the climax, during the title song, his fans clapped and danced, “says a visibly excited Mani. At Mahrani, in North Madras, which is an old MGR citadel, the film netted Rs.2.26 lakhs in its opening weekend.

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OK films Mani, spurred on by the Box Office success of MGR produced films, is now planning to technically upgrade Nadodi Mannan as an all colour film, edit it and provide DTS before its re-release.

Says N.Sathyamoorthy, a veteran journalist; ‘I’m stunned at the response to MGR’s re-released films. All his fans must be senior citizens today but the legend is still able to strike a chord with today’s youth.

Another 8 theatres released on 18th October sums to 45 centers for the release of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban. And there are no Morning and Matinee show on 19th Sunday due to Tamil Elam problem. As on 22.10.2008 the collection in Mahrani is Rs.4 lakhs higher than any other theatres around Tamil Nadu.

Overall Tamil Nadu collection is going to reach 1 Crore mark a new record for any re-release films in the World (to my knowledge).

Within 3 days of release the amount for theatre rent and publicity charges got back by the Distributor. That was mega or monster collection of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban. Record unparallel even to new movies. Hurdles such as heavy rain, less amount of Ads and only one type of ad and more the Raj TV telecast on 2nd October did not hamper the success rate of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban.

And another MGR movie wonders, Natraj theatre which screened Vijay’s Sachin was taken on Monday due to less number of audience and heavy rain. Theatre owner decided to release Panam Padaithavan from Tuesday, the response was good and before this the 2nd week run of Dhanush movie Yaradi Nee Mohini was taken and they released “Ragasiya Police 115” from Monday. And Pandian theatre also filled the three days prior to Deepavali with Panam Padaithavan this week.

News from Madurai from Marmayogi Manoharan and Sathya from Chennai.

This clip is from Ulagam Sutrum Valiban duet song of MGR with Mehta.

Mega Release Part IV

October 22, 2008

This image from Coimbatore Edition of Daily Thanthi.

This is taken from Daily Thanthi Chennai Edition. And they have mentioned only 40 theatres what about the rest 10?

This is yesterdays newspaper, Daily Thanthi Vellore Edition.

Below images were taken from Dinakaran Chennai edition they have compared theatre occupancy on sunday. Two shows were canceled by theater owners association for Tamil elam problem but MGR fans celebration did not stop, this is in Pilot Theater 3pm. Eventhough the movie show is canceled but MGR Fans waited to watch the evening show. This is MGR the one and only.

Another image is from Albert theatre without any fans or people. This is not new for MGR movies but D.M.K. support paper has issued this matter. We have to thank Dinakaran team. The same news about Ulagam Sutrum Valiban was not printed in Daily Thanthi.

Þôƒ¬èJ™ îIö˜èœ ð´ªè£¬ô ªêŒòŠð´õ¬î‚ 臮ˆ¶, îI›ˆ F¬ó»ôèˆFù˜, ó£«ñvõóˆF™ «ïŸÁ «ð£ó£†ì‹ ïìˆFù˜. Ü¬î º¡Q†´ «ïŸÁ å¼ ï£œ ðìŠH®Š¹èœ, F«ò†ì˜èO™ 2 裆Cèœ óˆ¶ ªêŒòŠð†ìù. ⿋̘ ݙ𘆠F«ò†ì˜ ªõP„«ê£® Aì‚Aø¶. Ü´ˆî ðì‹: ®T†ì™ ªî£N™ ¸†ðˆF™ e‡´‹ ªõOJìŠð†´œ÷ â‹.T.ݘ. ï®ˆî ‘àôè‹ ²ŸÁ‹ õ£Lð¡’ ð숬î ð£˜‚è «ïŸÁ ñ£¬ô ¬ðô† F«ò†ì¼‚° õ‰î óCè˜èœ àŸê£èñ£è Ý´A¡øù˜.

Albert Pilot

Below is the update on Ulagam Sutrum Valiban release and how MGR Fans enjoyed and how successful the movie is. Taken from Dinamalar.

Click to read:

News and images forwarded by MGR Devotee Yukesh Babu.

Mega Release Part III

October 21, 2008

Mega Release Part II

October 20, 2008

These other theatres showing Ulagam Sutrum Valiban. Images forwarded by Yukesh Babu.

Yesterday 19.10.2008 I reached Motcham theatre at 5.50 p.m. the street was full with MGR Fans and Devotees. Two police Jeep was near the theatre to control the crowd. Minute by minute the crowd encroached half of the service road. 10 number of garlands were placed on MGR cut out.

House Full in Motcham Theatre

Release of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban in Sri Brinda.

Deccan Chronicle about Ulagam Sutrum Valiban issue date 20.10.2008.

Most of the critics say that the Fans of Actors will clap, whistle, fix posters and cheers their Actors but MGR Fans are different, MGR Devotees not only cheer Puratchi Thalaivar but also perform ‘Annadanam’ whenever Block Buster MGR movies were released. Below is the notice of Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal, they went to “Anbu Illam” H.I.G. 434, 1st Main Road, M.M.D.A. Colony, Mathur, Chennai, to feed the 38 poor children on 19.10.2008.

The weather was becoming worse and I expected rain at any moment but did not until the MGR Devotees pooja was finished the next minute the rain was pouring swiftly on us.

See for yourselves no words can describe the joy of MGR Devotees and MGR Fans, the opposite of this theatre is Ayisha Hospital the people inside also came out and watched this function. 1000 wala was going on one side, abishekam and flowers another side, traffic on halt (watch the video).


The only ticket left was Rs.40/- (watch the video) which become full within 5 minutes. The people waiting to see the movie was enormous and to ease the traffic, Police requested theatre officials to open the gate and let us in before the show time. Gates wide opened and everyone rushed inside.


Before viewing this video I have to say that all the movie clips in this post, are as is condition, Ulagam Sutrum Valiban was already enhanced video was bright, crystal clear and the sound – mind blowing, DTS nearly 80% of the back ground music was changed it felt like watching MGR acted English movie.

Scene 1

Scene 2


Some of MGR Fans did not like this change, but the reaction of DTS effect for fight scenes, songs and dialogues has overwhelming support. Watch the videos. Bottom line about this change is that MGR movies have entered DTS experience and it rocks definitely MGR’s Ulagam Sutrum Valiban is for youth audience they will enjoy each frame.

More videos of fights scenes, songs and dialogues etc. in the next post.

Mega Release

October 18, 2008

This is MGR The Box Office Emperor

MGR Pictures “Ulagam Sutrum Valiban” was released in 4 theatres in Chennai yesterday. I planned only to take some photos in Motcham theatre after 6.30 p.m. but with Yukesh Babu’s help I covered two theatres before the first show. Those who are looking at this post had to thank Yukesh Babu who made it possible for me.

This movie is just not a re-release it is Mega Release because the record held by Dr.Rajkumar (Kannada movie Super Star) for 44 centers (4 months before) for re-release record beaten by Puratchi Thalaivar MGR’s Ulagam Sutrum Valiban for 50 centers. You will find some of the theatres below.

First we reached Motcham theatre by 11.00 a.m. we thought the movie time was 11.30 but the show time is 12.00. Already Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal and Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal have erected Pandal, Placards, posters and vinyl banners.

There was shortage of Garlands due to festive season, Friday and of course MGR movie. 5 theatres screening MGR movies this week, 4 theatres Ulagam Sutrum Valiban and one Mattukara Velan in Mahalakshmi.

I found nearly 20 Auto rickshaws in the parking lot, street vendors, a couple who were living below the Doveton flyover were first to fill up the theatre and for the first show. And one MGR Hard core fan Purushothaman who had plan to see the movie 2 shows continuously. A special mention physically challenged MGR fan also came to see the movie remember for the first show. That is the craze of MGR.

There was lot of placards placed by Venkat of Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR bakthargal. Some of the placards were removed by theatre management. It will be posted soon in this blog.

Placards 1

Placards 2

Placards 3

Placards 4

Some of the theatres were Ulagam Sutrum Valiban released.

Madurai – Thanga Regal
Thirunagar – Mani Imphala
Dindukal – Rajendra
Ramnadu – Velu Manickam
Virudhunagar – Amirtharaj
Nellai – Bombay

Nagercoil – Vasantham Picture Palace
Salem – Santhi

Kumarapalayam – Srilakshmi
Trichy – Sona
Kudanthai – Selvam
Karur – Ajantha
Pattukottai – Ayya
Thiruvarur – Chola
Puthukottai – Santhi
Pondi – Balaji

Thiruthooraipoondi – Vijila
Chennai – Pilot
Chennai – Maharani
Chennai – Motcham

Chennai – Sri Brinda
Kovai – Santhi (8 theatres from Sunday)
Pollachi – ATSC

(Other theatres will follow soon)

Evening show for Sunday in all Chennai theatres are houseful before the first show in Motcham.

Pilot theatre was full of vinyl boards and found that the people have not gone to their house since Thursday who were busy fixing the vinyl boards and cut outs.

Diamond pictures have stated that the songs are only DTS and added CGI. I received calls from my friends and found that there is no CGI in Ulagam Sutrum Valiban and they have removed the original BGM and created new BGM with latest instrument.

Some of the scenes have wonderful effect the Dog scene in Robinson house, Fountain scene, plane scene in the song etc. and some are not.

Many hard core MGR fans feel that DTS have killed the movie and some say that this will be more appealling to the younger generation. More about this in the next post.

I think this post has more number of Images.


October 16, 2008

October 17th 1972 the day when an Actor MGR who formed a party “Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam” and turned to be the Greatest, and the ever most Powerful personality in Tamilnadu

October 17th 1972 transformation of MGR from Puratchi Nadigar to Puratchi Thalaivar. The question arises did MGR came out of the party or did the party ousted him.

The questions are answered in this speech by MGR in 1983 in Thiruchengodu. MGR points out what really happened in October 7th to October 17th.

Part One of the speech:

I have separated the audio into 4 clips so as to listen one at a time. First part MGR tells about the qualities of his mentor “Anna Durai” the base of his Party.

Part Two of the speech

Part 2 of the speech contains the difference between a Political person and Cinema Actor. MGR with preamble starts with October 10th happening. Then he comes back to October 7th. His post in DMK and how meticulously he has worked till October 9th.

Part Three of the speech

This part MGR points out the real reason behind why he was ousted from the party. Who are the people came for peace talk the options the party high command gave.

Part Four of the speech

MGR hints on Kalaignar speech in Pothu Kottam in Marina Beach. And continues how Kalaignar side repeated the false reasons from that day on to now (1983) Next MGR speaks, if that was the reason what he will do to rectify and the difference between him and his friend. How boldly MGR comes out about his assets and Black money. How he used the Black money to DMK party, the party members and the people.

MGR is the first Actor turned Politician in the World to become or achieve a position nobody did it before him successfully and after him. MGR to his last breath was the Chief Minister none other can create such history.

Most actors have formed parties and vanished soon because they do not have people support, only one person in the World M.G.Ramachandran had the mass backing even though he has left this Earth.

MGR the God of the Poor and Downtrodden.

MGR Library

October 12, 2008

When my collection of MGR Books, Cassettes and paper cuts were in peak, my ego was sky high and I felt that I am the only collector and only person to have collected MGR related matters. But by the end of 1996 I bought a book “MGR Ayivu adangal” compiled by Malliga Prabhakaran from Dharmapuri, some info’s were missing I wrote a letter to him (actually he uses his wife name) and pointed out the info’s. And the reply came the same week in that he thanked me and asked me if I have any rare books on MGR and he humbly stated what kind of books he has in his collection. My collection was 1% of what he had. After reading that letter my ego was shattered, I came to understand that there are people who are much capable and far superior to me.

Recently I got the address of Malliga Prabhakaran and mailed him first week of June 2008 and further conversations lead into this post.

Malliga Prabhakaran who has 1500 title of MGR books in his library. He started to collect MGR Books from his 15th year. And he has devoted his life in collections, conservation, Information and Communication of subject MGR. He now has a Library called Dr.MGR Centre in Dharmapuri.

In past he was involved with Bharath MGR Fans Academy from 1981 and then Dr.MGR Arts & Culture centre from 1986 and Dr.M.G.R. International centre from 2001.

In his rare collections he had preserved the Artist, Unique Socialist, Politician, Humanitarian and Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, the grateful Indian national Bharath Rathna Dr.MGR the life story, History, Arts and culture, reference books, Photos, News Articles & Journals, Audios and Videos.

MGR Library Dharmapuri

Some of the English Books in his collection:

1. Dr.MGR A Phenomenon
2. AIADMK Political Dynamics in Tamil Nadu
3. Poems I call MGR an Angel
4. Impact MGR films
5. The Dynamic MGR
6. MGR the Man and the Myth
7. The Image trap
8. C.M. Speaks Honorable Dr.MGR
9. Secrets & Wonders of MGR
10. MGR my Blood Brother
11. Spotlight on Tamilnadu – 5th World Tamil conference

And Tamil books above 500 by various authors from 1961. Rare books like MGR peyaril Mandram Thavaiya – 1961, Thirukural Pathayil MGR – 1984, Nenjil Adum Deepam (Poems) – 1983, Paripurana Avadharam (Drama) – 1985, Puratchi Thalaivarin Pon mozhigal – 1980, Mudhal Amaichar MGR – 1977, Makkal Thilagam MGR (By Viduvan Lakshmanan) – 1985, Puracthi Nadigar MGR – 1983, Puratchi Thalaivar MGR – 1979,

Books with as MGR the subject comes to 600 plus and various books related to MGR and special issues from ADMK, Fans club, magazines (like Ithayakani, Urimai Kural and Mannathi Mannan MGR) and others comes to around 900 (still growing) and totally 1500 plus books on MGR.

To my knowledge total number of books written to God is huge and when it comes to human beings like Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln (16000 plus) is high. After God MGR becomes the first human being from India and the first Actor in the world to reach the land mark. This is a record, and the record is growing day by day.

Apart from Books he is having collections of MGR not movies but rare such as MGR speeches, songs in Cassettes and CD’s like

MGR Thirupugzh by Sirgazhli Govindarajan,
Kalathai vendravar by S.P.B.,
MGR Paamalai by Navarasam G.K.S. and T.M.S.,
Engaluku sonthakarar MGR by Dr.Ko.Samarasam,
MGR oru Thirkagatharisi by Mathi Oli Shanmugam,
Itho MGR pesugirar by ADMK party,
MGR Vazhkai varalaru by Supreme audios,
MGR Kathai by S.Vijayan (alias Ithayakani Vijayan) in the voice of Pandyarajan, Sathyaraj by Krishna Audios,
MGRin Ithayakani by Teem Audios, Anai Itta MGR by AVM Audios.

Malliga Prabhakaran has released a book named Elaya Bharathame.. Puthiyathor Ulagam Seivom! collection of speeches delivered by Chief Minister MGR in Universities and Colleges.

MGR Librarian with his family

An information: Those of MGR fans having very old MGR books written before 1961 and a book after 1967 “Gunduku Anchatha MGR” and Apollo to America, that are very rare collectibles those who are having such info about the book are having the book please contact

Malliga Prabhakaran
Dr.MGR Centre
75/34C1, Ulaver Street, Main Road
Kumarasamy pet, P.O. Dharmapuri Taluk and District
Pin 636703
Tamil Nadu.

If you need any MGR Books he is ready to help you too.

Raju in Casino

October 10, 2008

This is not the year 1973 but now also there is hatred and hurdles for the release of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban. As planned earlier Diamond Pictures is ready to release Ulagam Sutrum Valiban this week (10/10/2008) but the movie did not reached the projector.

Dinakaran Madurai Edition

Instead the movie is going to be re-released coming week. The date 17/10/2008 17th October this date no MGR Fan will forget because it was the day MGR formed ADMK. An actor (some say an actor without acting skills) who become the most powerful man in Tamilnadu.

These paper cuts taken from Chennai and Madurai Edition Newspapers they are from Daily Thanthi and Dinakaran. I thank MGR Devotee Yukesh Babu who forwarded the paper cuts to me in time for the upload in our Blog.

Coming soon MGR is next to God and the proof.