Prophecies of MGR Part II

This is the second part of MGR speech in Woodlands Hotel in 1972. This audio file in mp3 format is 33 MB play time is more than 17 minutes.

For first part of the speech click here MGR Speech part I

In this part MGR tells about the yester year Super Stars and their condition now and what will be the future to him and other Actors.

MGR quotes his masters who taught movie techniques and the technology evolution in Movies right from Mayamachindra to Rickshawkaran.

The jealousies and vehemence when MGR name was selected for the Bharath award, his reaction towards the award. And the first Actor who stood in his side boldly. The reactions of MGR fans. Why did he accept Bharath Award and why he did not accept Padmashree. The difference between these two awards.

Concept of fame and what he thinks about the fame and fortune.

The prophecies for other stars. The future of acting in Tamil Cinema and the long run for natural acting, and the famous prophecy The Destiny of his Fans club.

(Not known to MGR Fans) the political back stabbing involved in not sending Nadodi Mannan movie to 1959 Film festival in Cairo. And his attitude towards the Newspaper reporters. What should they do in future for the betterment of Actors?

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