October 17th 1972 the day when an Actor MGR who formed a party “Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam” and turned to be the Greatest, and the ever most Powerful personality in Tamilnadu

October 17th 1972 transformation of MGR from Puratchi Nadigar to Puratchi Thalaivar. The question arises did MGR came out of the party or did the party ousted him.

The questions are answered in this speech by MGR in 1983 in Thiruchengodu. MGR points out what really happened in October 7th to October 17th.

Part One of the speech:

I have separated the audio into 4 clips so as to listen one at a time. First part MGR tells about the qualities of his mentor “Anna Durai” the base of his Party.

Part Two of the speech

Part 2 of the speech contains the difference between a Political person and Cinema Actor. MGR with preamble starts with October 10th happening. Then he comes back to October 7th. His post in DMK and how meticulously he has worked till October 9th.

Part Three of the speech

This part MGR points out the real reason behind why he was ousted from the party. Who are the people came for peace talk the options the party high command gave.

Part Four of the speech

MGR hints on Kalaignar speech in Pothu Kottam in Marina Beach. And continues how Kalaignar side repeated the false reasons from that day on to now (1983) Next MGR speaks, if that was the reason what he will do to rectify and the difference between him and his friend. How boldly MGR comes out about his assets and Black money. How he used the Black money to DMK party, the party members and the people.

MGR is the first Actor turned Politician in the World to become or achieve a position nobody did it before him successfully and after him. MGR to his last breath was the Chief Minister none other can create such history.

Most actors have formed parties and vanished soon because they do not have people support, only one person in the World M.G.Ramachandran had the mass backing even though he has left this Earth.

MGR the God of the Poor and Downtrodden.

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