Mega Release Part II

These other theatres showing Ulagam Sutrum Valiban. Images forwarded by Yukesh Babu.

Yesterday 19.10.2008 I reached Motcham theatre at 5.50 p.m. the street was full with MGR Fans and Devotees. Two police Jeep was near the theatre to control the crowd. Minute by minute the crowd encroached half of the service road. 10 number of garlands were placed on MGR cut out.

House Full in Motcham Theatre

Release of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban in Sri Brinda.

Deccan Chronicle about Ulagam Sutrum Valiban issue date 20.10.2008.

Most of the critics say that the Fans of Actors will clap, whistle, fix posters and cheers their Actors but MGR Fans are different, MGR Devotees not only cheer Puratchi Thalaivar but also perform ‘Annadanam’ whenever Block Buster MGR movies were released. Below is the notice of Ponmanachemmal Sri MGR Bakthargal, they went to “Anbu Illam” H.I.G. 434, 1st Main Road, M.M.D.A. Colony, Mathur, Chennai, to feed the 38 poor children on 19.10.2008.

The weather was becoming worse and I expected rain at any moment but did not until the MGR Devotees pooja was finished the next minute the rain was pouring swiftly on us.

See for yourselves no words can describe the joy of MGR Devotees and MGR Fans, the opposite of this theatre is Ayisha Hospital the people inside also came out and watched this function. 1000 wala was going on one side, abishekam and flowers another side, traffic on halt (watch the video).


The only ticket left was Rs.40/- (watch the video) which become full within 5 minutes. The people waiting to see the movie was enormous and to ease the traffic, Police requested theatre officials to open the gate and let us in before the show time. Gates wide opened and everyone rushed inside.


Before viewing this video I have to say that all the movie clips in this post, are as is condition, Ulagam Sutrum Valiban was already enhanced video was bright, crystal clear and the sound – mind blowing, DTS nearly 80% of the back ground music was changed it felt like watching MGR acted English movie.

Scene 1

Scene 2


Some of MGR Fans did not like this change, but the reaction of DTS effect for fight scenes, songs and dialogues has overwhelming support. Watch the videos. Bottom line about this change is that MGR movies have entered DTS experience and it rocks definitely MGR’s Ulagam Sutrum Valiban is for youth audience they will enjoy each frame.

More videos of fights scenes, songs and dialogues etc. in the next post.

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