Mega Release Part IX

Natraj theatre

Ulagam Sutrum Valiban was re-released in Natraj theatre on 7th November 2008. On Sunday for the 6.30 show it was full and the House full board was fixed by 4 pm. The theatre had a festive look.

Look for the Houseful board


Pooja for God MGR

There was notice by Yazh district MGR Rasigarkal of 1973 I have produced it in our blog. Watch it.

There was lot of vinyl boards by Kalai Venthan MGR Bakthargal. Venkat has kept placards which was breathtaking it will be posted in future.

The crowd was thronging the movie hall and Police protection was given. I and Yukesh Babu find difficult in taking the video and to find a right place, for the first video we had problem and the crowd was pushing us from behind we went to safe place for the video.

People entering Movie Hall to see their God

This is the video clip showing the record crowd entering the movie hall. It took 10 minutes and 4 police men to control the crowd.

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