Review Pallandu Vazhga

Udhayam Productions “Pallandu Vazhga” is remake of Shantaram’s “Dho Angkein Bara Hath”. Recently “Ananda Vikatan” has issued the vintage edition of 16.11.1975.


It has a three page review of MGR acted Pallandu Vazhga. The review tells that MGR lived as the character. They also mention about the role done by six characters in the movie. How the villains performed in comedy too.




A special mention about the heroine Latha, all duet songs in this movie are dream songs, all dreams of Latha alone.


The scene were MGR’s six friends gets beaten by the villain group and no hitting back raises a question is this a MGR movie? Yes this is not only MGR movie but this is his ambitious project.




Though the review has mentioned that there was no political dialogue in this movie. But still there is one or two soft political dialogs.


The movie has lot of uncommon listing such as the play back, MGR’s most play back singer was T.M.Soundarrajan.  But in this movie MGR replaced TMS to Yesudas. His soft tone very well matched MGR’s Leadership in this movie.


Click for the MGR Foundations Magazine


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