Kavalkaran in Natraj

This week Sathya Movies Kavalkaran was re-released in Natraj theatre. The print was satisfactory for MGR Fans but not for MGR Devotees.

Garlands for MGR

MGR acts a Police Officer, how he investigates the murder and mystery is the rest of the Story.

Devotees showing camphor to God MGR

As usual M.N.Nambiyar is the Villain and lighter role is done by Nagesh, the character is Doctor. In one scene he will be the Doctor, patient and Nurse.

placards kept by MGR Devotee Venkat

placards kept by MGR Devotee Venkat

MGR and Nagesh in a Function

Yesterday the great Tamil Cinema Comedian and Character artist Nagesh passed away. MGR fans will never forget the appearances, the spoonerism character in Enga Veetu Pillai, Kleptomania which helps MGR in Ulagam Sutrum Valiban, modern tailor in Urimai Kural, Servant role in Anbay Vaa. His first film with MGR was Panathottam and the last movie was Meenava Nanban. Nagesh a wonderful person who entertained us for two generations – may his soul rest in peace.

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