A Day with Chief Minister MGR

I have previously posted about A Day with MGR (As an actor). Today post is A day with MGR (As Chief Minister).

Magazine name is unknown, the article was three part, I got only two parts. A day with Chief Minister MGR begins in the early hours of 11th December 1977. The reporters arrived at his Ramavaram residence and came to know that Chief Minister MGR was ready to meet them and that he had got up from the bed by 4.30 am for the preparation of the report and after that he his now doing exercises.

By 8 am MGR begins his day by conversing with his party members and his fans. He questioned them that how well the Government plan is progressing in the rain affected area. (Most of the Chief Ministers will ask the Collector or the Officials of the concerned region, but not the people who is suffering, this is one method of getting the real news from the public , this happened in 11.12.1977 that is 4 month old in office as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu – MGR was always thinking about the people, this is one reason why MGR is still number 1 Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu)

The article comes in 11 pages I have provided first 5 pages for you.

Click here for Page 1

Click here for Page 2

Click here for Page 3

Click here for Page 4

Click here for Page 5

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Thanks to Mr.Venkatesan who provided this papers to share in our blog.

Will continue.

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