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Your Vote counts

October 4, 2009

MGR Devotee Murugan Dharmalingam has sent this url for us to vote for our Thalaivar. Do your best.

Image 1

Before clicking the url please look at the images 1 and 2 that I have uploaded.

Four steps to voting

1) Go to this url (wait I will give this in the last line as Click here)

2) When you reach the website you will see MGR photo on the left of your screen and above that is a blinking letters in RED “CLICK HERE TO VOTE

3) When you click that letters you will see this window (Image 2 given below)

Image 2

4)There will be a code you type as it is and then press the Vote…! Button.

5) Your vote will be counted.

The Web Site you have to vote for MGR is:

Click here.