Fox History Channel Documentary

Sri MGR Year 92, October 20th Tuesday

Recently Fox History Channel telecasted Indian Cinema Documentary. On October 2nd the same documentary was re-telecasted. As I have watched earlier, this time I captured some important minutes of the Documentary regarding Tamil Cinema.

The program was one hour and South Indian Cinema was a part of the Documentary lasted for 6 minutes of it the major share was given to MGR alone regarding Tamil Movie taking up 3.20 minutes. The Documentary started with earlier Cinemas and how much the Tamil cinema is entwined with Dravidian Movement right from Periyar, Anna and then lastly our MGR. The documentary briefly tells how the only South Indian Actor who successfully became a Chief Minister of a State and held the position till his death.

The video in 2.14 starts with a projector light turning and casting luminance on MGR and Jayalalthia for the song “Atho antha paravai pola” from Ayirathil Oruvan. The words at the introduction of MGR was like this “However it was Marudhur Gopalamenon Ramachandran or MGR who created a personality cult unparallel in Indian Cinema Industry…”

Enjoy the video:

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