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Nine Cameras

December 10, 2008
This is the video clip showing the work of nine cameras and also the editing brilliance.

In the previous post I have given the interview of K.Kannan from an old magazine told to Vijayan. This is the visual of the previous post.

Total duration of this video clip of nine cameras is 2 minute 10 seconds. I checked the clip and counted the cameras it came to 10 and again I checked with one person view and it came to 9. Please check yourself and write in comments were and which the camera are placed.

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All the nine cameras are placed on the right side to show the Soldiers and Elephants 1000 in number.

The last 15 second of this clip is from 3 cameras side by side on the right side of the characters played by K.Kannan and Latha. A frame is not missed. Watch the clip. This clip is not only for the camera work of those days (MGR movies) but also the editing techniques used in those days.

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As said by K.Kannan this camera placement was done by MGR with a map and his editing mind. This kind of camera work is done to other characters and not to important MGR character. That shows MGR’s good nature to other actor. Who will allow such a first time feat (great skill) featured by other actors in this Tamil movie world?

And I don’t know which camera angle MGR have handled.

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