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MGR’s Election Result

January 30, 2008

MGR contested as MLC in 1963 Parangimalai, which he won with ample vote difference. This was the first time that D.M.K. party stood for elections. From 1967 to 1984 MGR contested only for Legislative Assembly.

1967 – D.M.K. came to power. MGR went to some divisions in Chennai and Sub Urbs. The date 12.1.1967, 5 p.m. MGR was shot by his fellow actor M.R.Radha shot MGR and was hospitalised. Only the poster did the election campaign. His contender was Raghupathy (Congress).

1971 – D.M.K. Allied with Congress (I) and faced Syndicate Congress backed by Kamaraj and Rajaji. This was the last election for MGR in D.M.K. The vote is nearly twenty thousand. The fact is MGR did not campaign in Parangimalai.

1977 – MGR contested in Arupukottai constituency he opposed by M.S.Bose of D.M.K. MGR won the election and became the Chief Minister. He won with substantial vote difference. And it was the record by winning in such margin in 1977 election. D.M.K., Congress stood on their own foot.

1980 – In January A.D.M.K. Rule was dismissed and election was held on May. D.M.K. and Indira Congress allied to face MGR. A lonely battle for MGR contested in Madurai West – as usual MGR was victorious came back to power again proving that he his Madurai Meeta Sundarapandian.

1984 – A.D.M.K. Allied with Indira Congress under the Leadership of Rajiv Gandhi. MGR did not went to campaign he was critically ill and admitted in Brooklyn Hospital. Look up his first election (as MLA) and last election MGR did not attend election campaigns.