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A Day with Chief Minister MGR II

April 3, 2009

A day with Chief Minister MGR

Second part continues as MGR reaches Mambalam Office there he takes care of an old lady problem (That day MGR becomes their family God). Then he meets Actor Vijayakumar who came to invite MGR for the house warming party. MGR’s personal secretary Lakshmi Narayanan hands out the important notes for the problem involving University Professors. When MGR assumed office in June 1977, the opposition party indirectly started various movements against MGR Government nearly 117 strikes in just 6 months, but the strike and other activities did not succeeded for what it was started, in my future post I will give you the speech made by MGR about this strikes done by various Government associations with backing of DMK.

By 10 am MGR gets ready to reach St.George Fort to do his duty as the 9th Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. There he meets the representatives of University Professors Union and after the meeting he gives interview to press association. This page is very important how MGR looks into the matter, how well he answers and how he feels about the people of Tamil Nadu.

I have only the two parts of 3 part series of A Day with Chief Minister MGR. If any body by chance had other pages please forward to blog.

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A Day with Chief Minister MGR

March 27, 2009

I have previously posted about A Day with MGR (As an actor). Today post is A day with MGR (As Chief Minister).

Magazine name is unknown, the article was three part, I got only two parts. A day with Chief Minister MGR begins in the early hours of 11th December 1977. The reporters arrived at his Ramavaram residence and came to know that Chief Minister MGR was ready to meet them and that he had got up from the bed by 4.30 am for the preparation of the report and after that he his now doing exercises.

By 8 am MGR begins his day by conversing with his party members and his fans. He questioned them that how well the Government plan is progressing in the rain affected area. (Most of the Chief Ministers will ask the Collector or the Officials of the concerned region, but not the people who is suffering, this is one method of getting the real news from the public , this happened in 11.12.1977 that is 4 month old in office as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu – MGR was always thinking about the people, this is one reason why MGR is still number 1 Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu)

The article comes in 11 pages I have provided first 5 pages for you.

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Facts from the Past

March 2, 2007

Relative popularity of political leaders in Tamil Nadu results of a statewide public opinion survey MCC .Magazine, Vol. LI, 1982, pp.47-48
Gift Siromoney and Johnson Varatharaj

Mr M. G. Ramachandran, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is strongly supported by thirty-nine per cent of the people of Tamil Nadu. Mrs Indira Gandhi is strongly supported by twenty-nine per cent of the people.

Mr M. Karunanidhi, the leader of the opposition and a former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is strongly supported by twenty per cent of the people. The relative support enjoyed by the different political leaders has not changed very much during the last year. These are some of the findings of a statewide sample survey conducted by the students of the Statistics Department of the Madras Christian College during the second week of January 1982.

A sample of about 1800 adults were carefully chosen taking special care that they represent the entire adult population of the State. One-fifth of the respondents were selected from tiny hamlets, half the number of respondents from villages and the others from small towns, large towns and cities. Student volunteers visited all the districts of Tamil Nadu to meet the respondents. The results were processed by the students with the aid of a computer. The computer results were checked by hand calculations. With reference to each political leader, each respondent was asked to state whether he or she strongly supported the leader, or just had a good opinion of him/her, or strongly opposed him/her, or had not formed any opinion at all about the leader. Each respondent could have a good opinion of more than one leader but was allowed to strongly support only one leader.

Mr M. G. Ramachandran Thirty-nine per cent of the respondents strongly support Mr.M.G. Ramachandran and in addition, twenty-six per cent have a good opinion of him. In contrast to this, thirty-one per cent are strongly opposed to him and three per cent have not expressed any opinion about him.

In the districts of Tirunelveli and Dharmapuri he has much greater support than in other districts but in Kanyakumari he has much less support. Among the poorest of the poor, viz., the agricultural landless labourers, forty-nine per cent strongly support him. He gets good support from different occupational groups. Even among the agriculturists who are landowners and tenant cultivators, thirty-seven per cent strongly support him. Among the professionals, such as teachers and doctors he is strongly supported by twenty-nine per cent. Taking the level of education into consideration, fifty per cent of the illiterates strongly support him but among the college-educated only twenty-four per cent strongly support him. Another thirty-five per cent of the college-educated, however have a good opinion of him. In other words MGR’s backing is mainly from the masses, the poor and the illiterate and in addition he has supporters and well-wishers in all sections of the population.

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