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A Day with Chief Minister MGR II

April 3, 2009

A day with Chief Minister MGR

Second part continues as MGR reaches Mambalam Office there he takes care of an old lady problem (That day MGR becomes their family God). Then he meets Actor Vijayakumar who came to invite MGR for the house warming party. MGR’s personal secretary Lakshmi Narayanan hands out the important notes for the problem involving University Professors. When MGR assumed office in June 1977, the opposition party indirectly started various movements against MGR Government nearly 117 strikes in just 6 months, but the strike and other activities did not succeeded for what it was started, in my future post I will give you the speech made by MGR about this strikes done by various Government associations with backing of DMK.

By 10 am MGR gets ready to reach St.George Fort to do his duty as the 9th Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. There he meets the representatives of University Professors Union and after the meeting he gives interview to press association. This page is very important how MGR looks into the matter, how well he answers and how he feels about the people of Tamil Nadu.

I have only the two parts of 3 part series of A Day with Chief Minister MGR. If any body by chance had other pages please forward to blog.

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