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MGR Prophecy

July 16, 2008

There is no second opinion that MGR knew the pulse of the people, their taste for entertainment. MGR movies gave them what they needed within the boundaries of Tamil culture. MGR was the foremost in Movie World in propagating two political parties through his movies.

The Flag in Emgeeyar Pictures Banner, Red and Black costumes, character names like Maran, Karikalan, Elango, Udaya Suriyan etc. Montage of Rising Sun scenes, Light rays behind him and tattooing the symbol in his chest not only catapulted the party to higher levels but also put his party to the zenith of Power in 1967. From then on in Tamilnadu no other political party except Dravidian party has taken that place. ADMK was formed when MGR was ousted from DMK in October 10th 1972.

After forming ADMK MGR needed the flag and symbol to be projected in the movies. His strategy though simple and different from what he used when he was in DMK. The character name did not changed, nor tattooed the symbol instead MGR used the border colour of the costume was different as in movies like Urimal Kural, Uzhaikum Karangal etc. placed the Election symbol Two Leaves in the Doors (Neethiku Thalai Vanangu) in his stick (Uzhaikum Karangal) oars (Meenava Nanban). Within 5 years he tried every possible chances in projecting the Party Flag and symbol and MGR triumphed.

This song clip is a classic example how MGR knew the pulse of his fans and how to motivate them. The song “Nalai Ulagai Ala Vendum” see the opening words how carefully he has choosen the words. Opting K.J.Yesudas instead of T.M.Soundararajan for this song. I feel that MGR at that time was the Leader of Political party he choosed K.J.Yesudas for his solo and philosophical songs to show the graceness in voice too.

Song Clip

The whole song, little slow has no dance number just everybody working in the field. But in the second stanza of this song “Vidiyum velai vara poguthu Dharmam theerpai tharapoguthu” the tempo of the song increases, the camera shows ADMK flag flying over a tree, the shot was so fast that the scene lasts for a second, but the appearance of party flag in midst of the song and appropriate line provoked enthusiasm for his fans. I experienced it! Watch MGR when he says these words he holds a bent stick a messiah like posture proclaiming that this truly will happen a kind of prophecy saying.

MGR was greatest technician there is no doubt this song is just an example to show his power and how he used the media.

Party Cadres Psychology

February 24, 2007

In 2004 Parliament Elections, AIADMK allied with BJP and faced the elections. The party was white washed, loosing all the 39 seats that means AIADMK the ruling party in the state was having 131 seats out of 234 in State, now the result was 0 out of 234.

Ms.Jayalalithaa, changed her policies, the killing of Veerappan and success of Veeranam project (drinking water to Chennai city) gave her some popularity. When the Elections for the State was announced nearly a year, the ADMK cadres know how to pull his party men to work and gain the vote. This was the picture (film “Mattukara Velan” – Cowherd Velan) they painted in the Walls to signify that ADMK (in directly means MGR) is in danger. And another one was from a film “Neerum Nerupum” (Fire and Water) mounted on horse symbolizes the return of MGR.

Look closely 6 men are attacking him; fortunately ADMK was opposed by six parties at that time. When the results were announced ADMK was the opposition party, most politicians believed that AIADMK will be routed like in 1996 elections. But AIADMK got more than 60 seats and DMK 94 (with six party alliances)