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Unfinished MGR Movies III

June 23, 2008

Nearly 19 years back I saw a documentary about MGR by Mohan Gandhi Raman one of the Assistant Directors of P.Neelakantan. This song was taken from that documentary. The duration of the song is 3 minutes and 27 seconds. I worked one week to remove redness from the footage to turn back to original colour. And also added sharpness but I cannot remove the blue tinges in some frames. Some stanza frames has been deleted due to quality and as well as technical reasons the video comes to 2 minutes and 12 seconds. With out dated software this the best I can do. Pardon for the picture quality. I will update the full song as soon as I get hand on with good video software.

The movie name is unknown when I asked MGR devotees they told either the movie should be from Pagan Magal or Ellai Kavalan shot during 1965 directed by Mohan Gandhi Raman. There are also some shots done in Studios also for this movie. I cannot relate this movie to be shot in 1965 remember Ayirathil Oruvan Movie period, here in this song clip MGR is trim and very athletic, which can be seen movies released after 1967.

MGR attires in Khaki uniform, Lion emblem in his right hand typical government seal which clearly states his character should be Military. Mr.Kalaimani of Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal told that this should be from Pagan Magal because Ellai Kavalan did not go to shooting stage. Somebody throw light here please.

About the song: MGR starts to say “Thatungal Thirakapadum” (Mathew 7.7: )from a mountain with a goat in his hand a messiahanic appeal and continues the song slowly descends down playing mouth organ (scene deleted) and reaches a rocky place with sparse vegetation. Then the second stanza starts when it ends MGR comes out of the rocky place and enters paddy fields with playing mouth organ crosses the bridge enters plantation field (deleted) and MGR reaches the highway, and from now on one take to the end when the songs reaches the last stanza MGR is more cheerful.

The first part and ending part of the song are shot on the same day and same location. In between stanzas are nearby location. Any MGR fans will guess what will be the next scene after the song. Yes it should be a fight scene, logically MGR holds a stick (silambu). Maybe MGR saving a damsel in distress.

I thank Yukesh Babu and Sathya for clarifying the doubts and Pastor Senthilkumar for timely help on pointing out the words from the Bible.