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Daredevils of MGR

April 3, 2008

MGR was the best action Hero in Indian Cinema. He performed stunts since in his first leading role in “Rajakumari”. That involved real hanging scene, swashbuckling in “Sarvathikari”, aerial rope climbing in “Malai Kallan” etc. are performed with precision by MGR. Yes we can take it as done by MGR in his young age. What about MGR doing same kind of stunts when he was above 50 years. When MGR was responsible for the lives of more than 1000 families and numerous producers. His life is worthy than the stunts he performed in movies.

Below is clip from the movie “En Annan” released in 1970, MGR performing acrobatics with Justin, who is a professional stunt man. MGR’s age was 53 years and having cataract at that time.

This fight scene takes place during the eve of MGR’s marriage ceremony. I edited the whole fight scene into under 15 seconds clip so as to show the real time involvement of MGR doing his stunts without stunt double.

First part is the fight scene, MGR performing a somersault with two shots, the first shot MGR getting up placing his hands lifting his body, second shot completing the somersault and cat life reflex holding Justin and suplexing.

Second part MGR getting up on Justin and performing half somersault and bringing Justing down with wrestling techniques. Look closely how MGR holds Justin with his legs. A typical MGR technique.

You can pause the clip and find out for yourself MGR’s expertise in fighting.