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Mega Release Part X

November 14, 2008

Ulagam Sutrum Valiban release response in Natraj was overwhelming the ticket cost is Rs.12 and Rs.15.

The Theatre does not have DTS and the songs were missing the tempo but still people liked it.

The collection is above Rs.1 lakh for 1 week.

Ulagam Sutrum Valiban reaches 5th round in Tamilnadu.

Murugan Dharmalingam MGR Devotee has sent this url to me.

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A Jackie Chan lookalike plumps for MGR
M. Dinesh Varma

CHENNAI: “Between Jackie Chan and MGR, I will go for MGR,” declared UNICEF official Kunihiko Chris Hirbayashi to members of the audience who are momentarily undecided whether to applaud or laugh. It is moot that by the time he finished his cameo speech at the launch of a two-day workshop on maternal and infant mortality on Thursday, they had indulged in both, in ample measure.

For Mr. Hirbayashi, both Jackie Chan and M. G. Ramachandran were terrific actors who had pulled off some of the most amazing stunts on screen. But, unlike Chan, MGR plunged into politics to eventually become a Chief Minister, who made a huge difference to the lives of the masses, he said.

Thanks to Murugan Dharmalingam for forwarding the url and message.

Rajakumari – Blast from the past

September 11, 2008

This image was taken from The Hindu an article about Old memorable movies. This week it was about MGR’s first Hero movie “Rajakumari”. Randor Guy is well known writer about yester year movies.

There was no mention about Kalaignar. This was the first movie of MGR and Kalaignar combo.

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To hold the position of Hero MGR had told lot in his Biography “Nan Yen Piranthan”. When the producer wished to replace MGR with P.U.Chinnappa and when someone with a long hair i.e. Bhagavathar hair style goes to meet the Producer, there was rumour that MGR was to be replaced. Each and every people of the set will look at MGR sadly. That this is the last day for MGR as Hero. Think how a personality like MGR suffered this torture.

After looking into the movie I feel that MGR’s action remained the same to his last movie, movement of his hands, gestures, smile etc., he has lightly changed the dialogue delivery. Maybe because it is 1947.