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Its Heart not Vote

February 27, 2007

Whenever MGR meets an old Lady he hugs them and also questions about there conditions and offers help. And another instance MGR uses to interact with kids. This behaviour was still used by some Leaders in India as well as in foreign countries.

When asked why MGR did these things? Most of the people say because for VOTE sake. But for me I think differently. The love he showered to Old ladies and children came from his heart and not for his political rise as the other Politicians do for the sake of VOTE. Cho Ramasamy (Cho) Editor and Actor sarcastically mentions in his film “Mohammed Bin Thuglaq”.

MGR respects women and in his speech intro he uses “Ennai Vazha vaikkum Deivangal agaiya Thaimargala” and then only his fans favourite words “En Rathathin Rathamana Udanpirapukala” (My Dear Blood Brothers).

When MGR comes out of his home he pays respect to his Mother, he constructed a Temple for her Mother in Ramavaram Garden.

Why MGR did like this, to my knowledge after my father’s death whenever I see a person resembling my father’s qualities like the hair style, nose, talk etc. I stare at them and try to speak, because I miss my father very much. This same principle applies to MGR also; he was fond of his Mother, in his Biography MGR mentions that his mother used to clean his teeth till he was 17 years old. So much he loved his mother. This is the reason why he always speaks and hugs them in public.

And in one instance my brother when he was 6 years had a chance of seeing MGR while he was on an election rally. The van stopped shortly, MGR looked out, his party members were holding children, he took a girl child having running nose, without any hesitation he took the kerchief wiped her nose clean and kissed her. And next was my brothers turn but he did not go near him feeling MGR hand is dirty with what he did to the girl. See a 6 year old is not interested to go near a person like MGR, for the sake of he is not clean enough to kiss him. Why MGR liked children? Because he did not have one, these feelings came straight from the Heart how much will understand this.