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MGR Fans Report

November 22, 2009
Sri MGR Year 92, November 22nd Sunday

MGR Devotee S.Kumar from Madurai had sent these photos to me two weeks before and a CD containing the celebration of MGR Fans for the movie Adimai Penn.

A. On 30.10.2009 for one week MGR’s super hit movie Nalla Neram was released in Madurai Meenatchi Theater.

B. MGR Fans celebration for the release of Adimai Penn during Deepavali in Madurai Central Theater.

C. S.Kumar and other MGR Devotees and Fans felicitated the Central Theater owners for the release of MGR movies continuously for the year 2009.

D. MGR Fans celebration for the Release of Adimai Penn during Deepavali in Madurai Central Theater.

The above image is from Madurai Central Theater for the movie Ninaithathai Mudipavan released on 15.5.2009.

Adimai Penn with enhanced sound released in Thangal Regal in Madurai during 7.8.2009, the video will follow soon in our blog. A Father and his two daughters from Spain on holiday came to see Adimai Penn in Madurai. The MGR Fans are T.T.Selvan, S.Kumar, R.R.Manohar, Tamilnesan.

The video was captured by Jaya TV. Some of the MGR Fans are S.Kumar, A.Ramachandran, Lakshmikanth, S.Thangaraj, Rajendran, MGR Saravanan, the MGR Devotees on the Banner are V.Ramasamy and R.R.Manohar.

Sirithu Vazhavendum was released in Madurai Meenatchi Theater during 4.9.2009.

According to Ram (Nadigar Thilagam Fan) another flop movie which made S.A.Asokan pauper was released on 3.7.2009 in Madurai Meenatchi Theater went as packed houses.


May 8, 2009
Two months back I requested S.Kumar to send the re-release records and the collections, he sent 300 pages of Xerox copies of nearly 110 MGR movies. I am sorting out the huge datas he has provided. It will take another two months to complete. He also sent various photos to publish in our Blog.

This photo is from Tutucorin 15.2.2009 on the 100th week of MGR movie release in Sathya Theatre. The 100th movie of the week was MGR’s 100th movie Oli Vilakku.

These are some of the MGR fans in Madurai. This photo is on 22.2.2009 during the re-release of Vivasahi in Madurai Meenatchi Theater.

Can you tell me how many of them are above 30 years?

This photo is on the felicitation by V.Veerapandi (Madurai Talkies Employee) to S.Kumar on his service to his God (MGR).

And this one MGR Fans Sister-in-law Saroja Devi visited Madurai and she was greeted by MGR Fans and Devotees.

Ulagam Sutrum Valiban returns Madurai Report

November 6, 2008

Madurai Report Ulagam Sutrum Valiban

Thanga Regal Theatre Madurai, with Autorickshaws. The first people who throng MGR movies in Tamilnadu.

Anaithulaga MGR Pothunala Sangam of Madurai Branch R.R.Manohar (Marmayogi Manohar) forwarded the photos and posters to me through Sathya. MGR Directed movie Ulagam Sutrum Valiban with DTS was released in Madurai Thanga Regal on 17.10.2008.

These are the images taken before the first show of the movie.

7 cut outs with garlands. 4 tiers to 6 tier garlands are placed over MGR.

Image showing the number of theatres and the number days for the first release of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban.

The movie was screened for 13 days and collected above Rs.4 lakhs. And the last show collection was Rs.20,000 thousand.

Image showing the number of housefull shows for the first time release of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban

Thanks to Marmayogi Manohar for forwarding the images and the collection data.

Madurai Special

May 8, 2008

After a long time I contacted S.Kumar and asked him to forward the Box office details of MGR movies and other actors to my address. Within two days he gave lot of infos (giant size envelope). Which will be posted in the future.

S.Kumar, (from Brahmin community) who is actively involved in MGR re-release in and around Madurai city. I have already gave a detailed account please click here:

MGR Devotees from Madurai

S.Kumar, Secretary 36th Ward MGR Mandram and Thamilazhga MGR Manitheneya Mandram, No.2, Ramasamy Konnar Lane, Vadugakaval Kudatheru, Madurai-1.




M.Shanmuga Sundaram


Kochadai Murugan

A.Asai Thambi

Recently he was honoured by Cellur K.Raj, Secretary Madurai City AIADMK and S.D.Jayabal, Secretary, Madurai City MGR Mandram on 11.1.2008 in Panthadi 5th Street, Madurai.

And he was also honoured by M.Jayaraman, Madurai Puranagar District AIADMK Secretary. The function was conducted by Anna Thozhil Sanga Puranagar District on the Birth day function of Makkal Thilagam MGR presided by S.Murugan.

On the first death anniversary of Madurai Meenatchi Theater owner E.M.G.Soundarrajan a function was conducted on 24.3.2008 presided by S.S.Rajendran, Cho.Navaneedha Krishnan (former Vice Mayor) Madurai Mayor Mrs.Thenmozhi’s husband Gopinathan, film distributors and theater owners attended the function.

Madurai Meenatchi theater is synonymous to MGR movies. This is the photo of S.Kumar with S.S.Rajendran.

Kavalkaran and Uruku Uzhaipavan were re-released recently in Madurai Meenatchi.

The images of Periya Edathu Penn was forwarded by S.Kumar. Below is the ad placed in the News paper dt.10.5.1963.

Another image is the successful completion of 10th week of MGR movie in all the theaters including Madurai Sridevi.

This is the movie review which came in the Cinema magazine in 1963, pardon for the poor scanned picture.

The movie was crossed 100 days in Chitra, Crown (Chennai) 91 days in Mahalakshmi (Chennai), Trichy (theater name not available) 93 days, Madurai Sri Devi 10.5.1963 to 2.8.1963 – 85 days due to legal problem between the Film distributor and Theater management the movie was changed to City Cinema (Madurai) 3.8.1963 onwards – 55 days combined run 140 days. Since Madurai is MGR’s fort. Most successful records comes from Madurai there is no second opinion.

Madurai MGR Special