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Rare Images of MGR

February 9, 2009

Screen shot for the movie Rajakumari

This image is the screen test for MGR for the movie “Rajakumari” his first Hero acted movie which was released in 1947.


A photo from the movie “Sri Murugan” the movie gave fame for MGR for his Siva Thandavam. After MGR became the Chief Minister he searched for the print. The original negative and positive were lost in a fire accident. What is left in the movie is the photos only. Look closely you can see the catwalk and focus light. MGR dances with Malathi.


The Indian Government in end of 1950s increased the tax on import of raw film which all the members of Cinema Industry protested. This was the protest done under the Leadership of MGR by the South Indian Actors Association. In the foreground from left to right is S.S.Rajendran, MGR and Gemini Ganesan, background the speaker is Sivaji Ganesan.


In 1958 MGR when acting in a drama in Sirghazi met with an accident. This is very rare image, look how bulky MGR looks after the accident. To the right of MGR is B.R.S. MGR’s family doctor and to his left is Thirupathisamy.


This is from outdoor shooting of Padagotti. Near to MGR is Director of the movie Prakash Rao.


This image is from the song book of the movie. In those days the production company also comes out with the song book. This one is from Saravana films.


This is the disguise MGR used in the movie Padagotti. Resembles Periyar in this get up.


Enga Veetu Pillai was a mega hit movie of MGR. The victory function was celebrated in most of the theatres. This was taken during MGR, Saroja Devi and Rathna’s visit to Royal theatre.


This is from the song book of Enga Veetu Pillai. We have most of the song books released by various Production houses but we don’t have MGR Pictures Ulagam Sutrum Valiban. The song book was released in the shape of Earth. Those who have it please forward the image.


AVM’s Anbay Vaa was shot mostly in Simla and some scenes in Tamil Nadu Hill station. This photo is the shot for MGR to rescue T.R.Ramachandran from a wild horse. Look behind MGR lots of people watching the shooting.


This is the outdoor scene for the movie Rickshawkaran. The rickshaw race was shot in and around Anna Nagar. It was hot and humid Madras and the crowd was uncontrollable. My father was in the crowd too (not in this photo).


MGR with a Japanese child taken in Expo 70, Osaka. V.N.Janaki accompanied MGR with other actors for the movie Emgeeyar Pictures Ulagam Sutrum Valiban.


Asokan’s Amalraj pictures produced “Netru Indru Nallai”. This was during the pooja of the movie. Extreme right Asokan, P.Neelakandan the director, the person next to MGR is not known . Anybody knowing him please forward the name of the person.


This photo was taken during the release of Pallandu Vazhga in Srilanka Raja Theatre. This photo is specially forwarded to MGR Fans by David from France.


This photo is taken during the rehearsal of a song.


MGR and NTR, the two Chief Ministers from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh respectively. Taken during a Telugu film. Look closely both are sweating and MGR’s shirt is sticking to his body. Year of the photo unknown.


MGR being taken from the plane and rushed to Down State Medical centre in Brooklyn. Only person I can name was Palani G.Periyasamy. Who paid $10,000 to admit MGR in that hospital.


This photo is taken during a Government function. Where Chief Minister MGR stretches a bow.


Last year this 50 feet banner was kept in centre of Chennai. MGR head joined over Keanu Reeves body from the movie matrix.

Images are forwarded by B.S.Raju, Editor Urimai Kural, David from France, Venkatesan – Hardware Merchant, MGR Devotees Sathya and Yukesh Babu.