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When I saw God (MGR)

May 17, 2009
This same day 25 years back I saw MGR in person for the First and Last time in my life. Below is the extract from the post I have already written in 2006 January.

“In my previous blog I have mentioned about the fans activities on seeing MGR on Silver Screen. Imagine what will have happen if they had a chance to see him in person. I have heard many accounts about people meeting MGR, and aftermath. What most of them said on the instant of seeing him is this. 1. When he/she sees MGR they raise their hands as a gesture of welcoming him. 2. They forget all their problems, and also they forget where they are. 3. Some kind of force field works on them, which makes them to move closer to MGR. 4. The eagerness to touch him arises. 5. And finally their happiest moment in their life. All the above facts resemble something Godly. Most of them reading this blog could say that all the fans or followers in the World will behave like that. Okay, but what about others? Who are not his fans and they dislike MGR? What happens when they meet? As a rule the above fact should not happen right? No you are wrong the above thing happened to them also. From my experience I came to know what all they say about MGR is true. Even who disliked him say that MGR is like this and that and when their eyes falls on MGR they turn and behave like his followers and when MGR disappears from their view they become normal and start to say that he is like this and that again”.

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