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October 12, 2008

When my collection of MGR Books, Cassettes and paper cuts were in peak, my ego was sky high and I felt that I am the only collector and only person to have collected MGR related matters. But by the end of 1996 I bought a book “MGR Ayivu adangal” compiled by Malliga Prabhakaran from Dharmapuri, some info’s were missing I wrote a letter to him (actually he uses his wife name) and pointed out the info’s. And the reply came the same week in that he thanked me and asked me if I have any rare books on MGR and he humbly stated what kind of books he has in his collection. My collection was 1% of what he had. After reading that letter my ego was shattered, I came to understand that there are people who are much capable and far superior to me.

Recently I got the address of Malliga Prabhakaran and mailed him first week of June 2008 and further conversations lead into this post.

Malliga Prabhakaran who has 1500 title of MGR books in his library. He started to collect MGR Books from his 15th year. And he has devoted his life in collections, conservation, Information and Communication of subject MGR. He now has a Library called Dr.MGR Centre in Dharmapuri.

In past he was involved with Bharath MGR Fans Academy from 1981 and then Dr.MGR Arts & Culture centre from 1986 and Dr.M.G.R. International centre from 2001.

In his rare collections he had preserved the Artist, Unique Socialist, Politician, Humanitarian and Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, the grateful Indian national Bharath Rathna Dr.MGR the life story, History, Arts and culture, reference books, Photos, News Articles & Journals, Audios and Videos.

MGR Library Dharmapuri

Some of the English Books in his collection:

1. Dr.MGR A Phenomenon
2. AIADMK Political Dynamics in Tamil Nadu
3. Poems I call MGR an Angel
4. Impact MGR films
5. The Dynamic MGR
6. MGR the Man and the Myth
7. The Image trap
8. C.M. Speaks Honorable Dr.MGR
9. Secrets & Wonders of MGR
10. MGR my Blood Brother
11. Spotlight on Tamilnadu – 5th World Tamil conference

And Tamil books above 500 by various authors from 1961. Rare books like MGR peyaril Mandram Thavaiya – 1961, Thirukural Pathayil MGR – 1984, Nenjil Adum Deepam (Poems) – 1983, Paripurana Avadharam (Drama) – 1985, Puratchi Thalaivarin Pon mozhigal – 1980, Mudhal Amaichar MGR – 1977, Makkal Thilagam MGR (By Viduvan Lakshmanan) – 1985, Puracthi Nadigar MGR – 1983, Puratchi Thalaivar MGR – 1979,

Books with as MGR the subject comes to 600 plus and various books related to MGR and special issues from ADMK, Fans club, magazines (like Ithayakani, Urimai Kural and Mannathi Mannan MGR) and others comes to around 900 (still growing) and totally 1500 plus books on MGR.

To my knowledge total number of books written to God is huge and when it comes to human beings like Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln (16000 plus) is high. After God MGR becomes the first human being from India and the first Actor in the world to reach the land mark. This is a record, and the record is growing day by day.

Apart from Books he is having collections of MGR not movies but rare such as MGR speeches, songs in Cassettes and CD’s like

MGR Thirupugzh by Sirgazhli Govindarajan,
Kalathai vendravar by S.P.B.,
MGR Paamalai by Navarasam G.K.S. and T.M.S.,
Engaluku sonthakarar MGR by Dr.Ko.Samarasam,
MGR oru Thirkagatharisi by Mathi Oli Shanmugam,
Itho MGR pesugirar by ADMK party,
MGR Vazhkai varalaru by Supreme audios,
MGR Kathai by S.Vijayan (alias Ithayakani Vijayan) in the voice of Pandyarajan, Sathyaraj by Krishna Audios,
MGRin Ithayakani by Teem Audios, Anai Itta MGR by AVM Audios.

Malliga Prabhakaran has released a book named Elaya Bharathame.. Puthiyathor Ulagam Seivom! collection of speeches delivered by Chief Minister MGR in Universities and Colleges.

MGR Librarian with his family

An information: Those of MGR fans having very old MGR books written before 1961 and a book after 1967 “Gunduku Anchatha MGR” and Apollo to America, that are very rare collectibles those who are having such info about the book are having the book please contact

Malliga Prabhakaran
Dr.MGR Centre
75/34C1, Ulaver Street, Main Road
Kumarasamy pet, P.O. Dharmapuri Taluk and District
Pin 636703
Tamil Nadu.

If you need any MGR Books he is ready to help you too.